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Why Boden, why???

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joliejolie Mon 07-Sep-09 10:16:16

I really like ordering from Boden, don't get me wrong, I am just a bit confused by how they operate.

Whenever I am ready to place an order, I have to scramble around looking for the best code because I would never pay full price. I don't know anyone who ever would pay full price for Boden either. So why not just lower the prices and get rid of the codes? If the clothes were a bit more reasonaly priced, they would get more sales wouldn't they? Is it just because some people don't have codes and do pay full price, so they do make money from them? Or it is maybe that we think we are getting a better deal because we have a money saving code, when really we are just paying what the clothes are worth in the first place? Is getting a code a trigger for some people to buy more?

I don't like the manipulative aspect. I just want reasonable priced clothes and I am sick of dealing with all the codes!!!

Also, the deal of the day offers were great! Why don't they do it all the time instead of 10 days? They would sell so much more if they did it even once or twice a week. 20% off now must still make more of a profit for them then reducing items 50% in the sale.

claricebeansmum Mon 07-Sep-09 10:19:38

Presumably this is just down to marketing.

If you have a discount code then you feel like you are getting a bargain or a good deal.

Also, quite likely, they discount according to how well they are shifting stock etc so at the moment with the credit crunch they might not perhaps be moving as much stock as they hoped.

Also, their discounts vary according to target market. So a new customer contacting them direct gets 15% off I think but the Sunday Times promotion (ABC1) 20% because Boden want to hook into that market.

pleasechange Mon 07-Sep-09 10:21:16

haha jolie. I agree that no-one really seems to buy anything full-price from boden. I do think that they operate all this discounting so that it keeps people interested, repeatedly perusing, and feeling like they're getting a good deal

I think the deal of the day business must have got them a load of extra sales and that they should continue it. It certainly had us lot talking about the stock! Big plus for them was that it kept people going back into the site daily, and I know in my case, looking again at items I'd previously seen and being tempted to buy

I really do wonder if anyone from boden reads these threads

perdu Mon 07-Sep-09 10:21:38

To make you feel as though you are getting a bit of a 'bargain'....? Nonsense marketing twoddle I know...

Can I add my own 'why Boden, why' question?
WHY are the models in the latest catalogue really really really thin. I really don't know more than about 2 people who are that thin...I mean they are about a size 6 (the two girls who feature in all the pics). Can't they make their clothes look good on a size 14 who is about 5'2"???????????

pleasechange Mon 07-Sep-09 10:22:06

is that ABC1 a current code? - wish I'd known about it last week!

claricebeansmum Mon 07-Sep-09 10:22:38

ABC1 - not a code - social classes - yummy mummies essentially!

pleasechange Mon 07-Sep-09 10:22:59

perdu even DH commented last week that the models looked particularly thin in the catalogue

chattermouse Mon 07-Sep-09 10:26:50

Agreed. I placed my first order this week and think/hope i researched, found and used the best codes available to me as regards the combinations of stuff i was buying. It does make you nervous that you could have saved more!

One thing that has struck me is that when they do the £10 off £30 offers this might work to their advantage. If you buy 2 crew tops costing £34 (i.e.£17 each), you get them for £24. Then when they turn up, you are likely to keep them both even if you are not so keen on one colour. After all, if you send one back, you lose the £10 off deal making the top you keep full price again! Perhaps you would not have bought it if it was full price in the first place. Chances are you will keep the 2, even if not so keen on one cos better to pay £24 for 2 than £17 for one iyswim? I am thinking re this as i am due to receive crew tops on the £10 off deal this week and am already thinking that even if i prefer some to others it would be better just to keep all in order to get what feels like better value!

perdu Mon 07-Sep-09 10:29:28

all new - I think they are noticeably 'thin' and was very surprised....almost wrote to them bout it as felt it a little hmm for 'right on' Boden.

In fact all their models seem to be of a certain type ie. long floppy hair and long bodied. Nothing like me and from experience their clothes don't fit me well either....sad

sorry - to hijack - as you were

joliejolie Mon 07-Sep-09 10:44:10

It is a very different story in Mini Boden. My youngest dd (9) is quite tall and slim and the models are all bigger than her. I never know what clothing will look like on her until we try it on. For some reason, the kids stuff runs wide, especially boys.

Maybe long and lean women are their ideal customers, but with 7 different sizes on offer for women, size 8 is only around 15% of sales.

How shocked would we all be to see a size 16 model in the next Boden catalog? I would love it!

chattermouse Mon 07-Sep-09 10:46:06

We should write to Johnnie and tell him we would like to see more size 18, black, breastfeeding, lesbians in wheelchairs in his publicity shots grin.

I agree that the girls he uses are a bit of a tired cliche.

perdu Mon 07-Sep-09 10:56:56

thank you for agreeing!

It makes me quite cross as generally I quite like their designs but really feel that they are not made for any other shape than size 8 to (maybe) 12 and those over 5'7".

I have seen other 'dumpier' people comme moi who just look well 'dumpy' in some of their stuff.

But agree on the mini boden stuff which is very generous and we are very glad of the elastic in the trousers for my skinny DD.

The men's stuff looks 'normal' though and they seem to use 'normal' male models. We do have a bit of a giggle at the perennial mustard cord trouser and tank top with check shirt look though, hardly pushing design boundaries...prob 'classic tailoring' I hear you say.

joliejolie Mon 07-Sep-09 11:06:22

The elastic around the waist just gets silly for my gets bunched up and looks like she's wearing a nappy underneath. Thank god for the skinny jeans look and I hope it never goes out of style. The tall boots look like wellies on her, so she'd have to wear them over jeans.

I know why they choose knockout models, but a few "average" ones here and there wouldn't hurt, just so I can have some idea what it will look like on my size 14 body.

joliejolie Mon 07-Sep-09 11:08:53

I don't really buy Boden for dh anymore.
He would not be caught dead in anything that was called a "Handsome Buck" shirt!

mollythetortoise Mon 07-Sep-09 11:21:28

I also think they like to "over value" their clothes as people like to think their clothes are expensive (and they cleverly got a discount) rather than the clothes were just cheaper in the first place. It helps make Boden a "premium" brand. We like expensive clothers more than cheaper ones. i know I do. It's the same with designer handbags, they are all massively overpriced and the designers know this but for a perverse reason some women would rather pay £600plus for a hangbag than £100.

perdu Mon 07-Sep-09 12:09:03

JOLIE totally agree on the 'amusing' names for their clothes.

How about the aspirational 'architect' shirt?

sorry, this is turning into a take the p* out of boden thread. I like alot of it, don't get me wrong.

Agree we should all campaign to them for normal models.

perdu Mon 07-Sep-09 12:20:05

Hang on - just seen an Architect 'Stallion' shirt in the sale. Keraaazeeeee

mrsbaldwin Mon 07-Sep-09 13:52:46

In the men's section of the Boden catalogue there is a black guy model - they've used him for at least a couple of years now. He is a very nice-looking man ...

... but every time I see him I wonder if anyone actually knows any black men who would be seen dead in Boden?

mrsbaldwin Mon 07-Sep-09 13:55:18

That said, a couple of weeks ago, I did see a black guy wearing a full length Barbour jacket and matching hat walking the streets of gritty N London - maybe he wears Boden. Perhaps it's so out, it's in, IYSWIM.

Helgicita Mon 07-Sep-09 15:11:56

Sorry to sort of hijack but has anyone been having trouble getting onto the Boden website? I've been trying for the last week or so with no luck ....
Yes those models are way too lanky.

Helgicita Mon 07-Sep-09 15:14:42

Now that I've posted this I tried again and got on, writing it down must've helped!

purplepeony Mon 07-Sep-09 15:29:27

I am sure that JB has his marketing gurus on the case and they have found that:

*high prices plus discounts make more money than overall lower prices
*offers attract more customers
*some customers have mmore money than sense and will always buy at full price as there is never any guarantee that offers, apart from 10% off, will happen.

Part of marketing- and I really know little about it- is to make you feel you are getting an offer.

I used to buy from Boden years back when they had a few items only and used real people for models- that's the likes of you and me.
Since then, they have expanded rapidly and gone international.

I like some of their stuff, but am not clad in it from head to toe. I pick and choose and go for plain stuff. I like the ease of ordering, good customer service, and they do process returns /refunds quickly.

joliejolie Mon 07-Sep-09 15:53:51

I remember when the catalog had real people and they answered daft questions like "what's your favourite city?"
The models seemed less "modelly" then.

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