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Spray tan for the face?

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Amandoh Sun 06-Sep-09 16:16:37

I've been using Ambre Solaire dry face mist for a few weeks now and love the colour but it seems to be causing spots on my chin. It might be too greasy for my skin or my chin may just be a bit sensitive.

Has anyone found a spray specifically for the face that gives a non-Tangoed colour? I don't want cream/gel/liquid as these settle in the pores and can look like blackheads up close.

Spraytangirl Wed 30-Sep-09 12:42:33

Hi there,

Try tan truth its a great colour and its got shea butter which is great for the skin im a mobile spray tannist and i use it all the time on my clients never have any complaints

have a look at the pictures on my site

Amandoh Wed 30-Sep-09 13:09:14

I've actually found an alternative now. As I said in my OP I didn't want cream/gel/liquid as in the past I've found they settle in pores and look like blackheads close up. Anyway, I saw an article recently about using Nivea body sunkissed skin gradual tanning and firming care on the face and gave it a try. It's brilliant! Face is a lovely colour and my skin feels softer and lifted.

Thank you for your reply though and I will take a look at your website as I'd be interested in finding a spray tan for the body that's moisturising aswell. smile

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