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help, i can't stop buying ds shoes!

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loulabelle222 Wed 01-Jun-05 23:45:25

ds has been walking about 2months now and i can't stop buying him shoes. He has clarks,white kickers,baby blue sandals, reebok trainers, navy sandals, slippers,jellys,buckle my shoe sandals... help me before this gets out of hand what am i doing i just can't help it!!!!!!!! i love shoes i am the same with myself i cant keep doing it ... i'll be skint!

suzywong Wed 01-Jun-05 23:59:02

my goodness LB, I wish I could afford so many shoes for my ds-es, ebay or retail that's a lot of shoe money

Furball Thu 02-Jun-05 07:41:41

You will be skint - he'll have grown out of them in 6-8 weeks, eeekkkk!

desperatehousewife Thu 02-Jun-05 08:43:48

stop now you madwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flobbleflobble Thu 02-Jun-05 08:49:25

Add up how much you have spent so far - deduct £20 for the one neccessary pair of shoes, & then think about what else you might have done with the cash...

...and what are you going to do with all these shoes in 3 months time when they are outgrown...

loulabelle222 Thu 02-Jun-05 12:39:52

i don't know ! omg what have i done i am obsessed!

lilybird Thu 02-Jun-05 13:38:11

as you seem to be the shoe expert, do you know if clarks doodles come in half sizes??!!

hana Thu 02-Jun-05 13:40:08

yes they do and also in width fittings

Pamina3 Thu 02-Jun-05 13:40:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meggymoo Thu 02-Jun-05 13:43:16

Message withdrawn

lilybird Thu 02-Jun-05 13:44:47

thank you ladies!

flobbleflobble Thu 02-Jun-05 13:51:45

My dd currently has pink clarks shoes, clarks sandals x 3 - white, navy & silver,red gym shoes, pink timberland sandals, beige naturino trainer sandals, clarks light up trainers, 2 pairs of wellies, Gap white flower embroidered espadrilles, Monsoon fairy flip flops and blue doodle-style shoes...that is probably all. More shoes than me

And now I wonder why we can't afford a nice holiday!!!! Hopefully Alvin Hall will be round soon.

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