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My new favorite and ultra cheap place to shop for clothes is...

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sushistar Sat 05-Sep-09 23:45:51

Peacocks. Soooo much better than Primark. Clothes are nicer, last longer, and very funky. Just got a heap of new stuff for autumn from there, really chuffed!

(please don't sneer, can't afford anything else - if you want to gloat about £200 boots and such go elsewhere!)

tulpe Sat 05-Sep-09 23:50:20

Do Peacocks do online shopping? we don't have one close to us here BUT we did have one close to where we lived in London and I loved it......particularly as was absolutely brassic at the time due to London living costs etc.

So what did you buy?

Corporalcornsilk Sat 05-Sep-09 23:52:08

sounds good! Don't think there's one near me. My favourite cheap shop is the charity shop in the nearest wealthy village! grin

Monty100 Sat 05-Sep-09 23:56:50

I've been sneaking into shopping at Peacocks for a couple of years now lol.

's great, you have to look but you'll usually find. smile

clemette Sun 06-Sep-09 00:01:20

Peacocks maternity clothes saw me through my last pregnancy and are now seeing my friend through hers.
And their ethical policy is OK too.

sushistar Sun 06-Sep-09 00:01:33

Got a dress - I'm pregnant but it is stretchy and goes nicely over the bump, I'll wear it over jeans or leggings with boots - sort of like this:
but a higher waist and not exactly the same

and I got a cute kitted hat for winter, a blue cardigan to wear over the dress, and very funky earrings.

sushistar Sun 06-Sep-09 00:04:37

Yes, I didn't realise they did maternity wear until I went in there yesterday! I'm ok for jeans right now but it's good to know - MUCH cheaper than anything else I've seen.

cahu Sun 06-Sep-09 09:33:11

They do have a website. Still wearing flat gold sandals from Peacocks bought two years ago which are gorgeous and were about £10. Much nicer than the ones I was going to buy from French Connection and a fraction of the price. My 12 year old dd gets a lot of good stuff there also.

LetThemEatCake Sun 06-Sep-09 13:02:11

Agree, they are good. But object to the (somewhat defensive) assumption that everyone who might buy £200 boots would sneer. Some of us do both and are quite proud of it!

middymo Sun 06-Sep-09 13:30:52

Great, didn't know they were online. How does the top sizing come up?

SixtyFootDoll Sun 06-Sep-09 13:34:00

I have been buyinh more and more from Peacocks over the last few years, cheap and funky.
I have one attached to my local Somerfield, I quite often go in for pint of milk and come out with a pair of jeans!

noddyholder Sun 06-Sep-09 13:36:41

I bought a lovely sky blue cardigan from there at the beginning of the summer and it is much admired.It has been a fave of the magazines for a while so you are in good co Their jeans are quite good for teh price and bags

southeastastra Sun 06-Sep-09 13:38:06

my two favourite tshirts are from there and i have a nice mustard jumper with a ribbon tie at the back. the designs are really great. amd i'm quite picky grin

AvadaKedavra Sun 06-Sep-09 13:40:09

Their jeans are one of the best fitting ones around that I have found

AvadaKedavra Sun 06-Sep-09 13:40:38

And they wash very well and come out beautifully soft and not like cardboard like others do, even with Lenor!

TheCrackFox Sun 06-Sep-09 13:44:00

Peacocks is great. I don't think their shoes are too that good but everything else lasts really well.

Wonderstuff Sun 06-Sep-09 13:46:08

Ohh Just looked at the website, some real gems there. I love MN smile
I think we are getting one in our old Woolies, v exciting grin

noddyholder Sun 06-Sep-09 13:57:10

I love these but know they would kill my feet.I used to be able to wear cheap stuff in my 20s now I just can'

AvadaKedavra Sun 06-Sep-09 14:43:40

I'm coveting these

KnickersandVests Sun 06-Sep-09 14:47:46

I've been shopping in Peacocks for years in London but they're relatively new here in south Herts, as am I smile

Great shoes.

Clothes a bit hit and miss but so is everywhere else and at least Peacocks is good value.

beaniebgivesupontheDMarsery Sun 06-Sep-09 14:49:35

I love my Peacocks Jeans.

CatherineofMumbles Sun 06-Sep-09 14:59:42

Thnaks! am off to buy this [[ 845139.html now!!]]

CatherineofMumbles Sun 06-Sep-09 15:00:49

sorry - this

LittleFriendSusan Sun 06-Sep-09 17:05:47

My favourite jeans are from Peacocks - perfect fit and still look good months later. Think they were about £12 grin

I bought a lovely top there at the weekend but can't find it on the website. Really liked some of the little dresses they had in too, to wear with leggings & boots. Also bought a lovely chunky grey cardi to wear with aformentioned top! Not washed it yet, but TBH most of the stuff I've bought in there has kept fairly well!

BerylCole Sun 06-Sep-09 18:37:57

I got this from Peacocks last week - looks lovely with a black polo-neck underneath, thick black tights and boots. A good winter look. I love Peacocks.

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