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Help me find an interview outfit

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middymo Sat 05-Sep-09 23:36:35

Been a SAHM for a while now, and haven't had an interview since pre-2000.

I am a size 10, aged 40, looking for a nice top/shirt/blouse to go with some smart black trousers I have. Muted cool tones suit me. Looked at Next but couldn't find anything. I also need help finding some comfortable flat shoes to wear with the trousers. (I am hopeless at choosing shoes, in fact I don't own any, just boots, summer casual shoes and trainers blush)

Interview is for office work but in a fairly relaxed environment, so don't think a formal suit would be appropriate.

Thanks, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Amandoh Sun 06-Sep-09 16:05:15

What about either a neutral coloured top with black flats or grey top with a bright coloured pair of shoes?

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