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Work/ office clothes: What do you normally wear and where do you get yours from?

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boogiewoogie Fri 04-Sep-09 21:35:35

I'm in need of some fresh office clothes here since moving offices. I'm bored with the same shirt and trousers combination and would like a more polished though not "executive" look.

I quite like the pussy bow/ruffle short sleeve blouse, knee length pencil skirt and Mary Jane shoes outfit that I have seen an elegant colleague and a commuter sporting the other day. I'd quite like to experiment with a waistcoat to jazz up my current work wardrobe.

Can anybody give me some inspiration please?

I'm 5ft 2", size 8, no boobs.

pickyvic Fri 04-Sep-09 22:23:10

i was going to helpfully suggest you seek out the next directory - loads of ruffly blouses and pencil skirts, waistcoats etc, some lovely coloured bags and shoes too! my working wardrobe im afraid isnt very expensive or imaginative....its mainly out of the next directory!

then i saw your a size 8 and i got jealous! you could wear a sack and probably still look nice (no fair!)grin

andirobobo Sat 05-Sep-09 07:55:01

Matalan have a good range of workwear at reasonable prices - espeicially for your size!

KristinaM Sat 05-Sep-09 08:02:09

Zara have lots of lovely workwear. you need a larger branch that stocks their "woman" range, although there are nice blouses and skirts in their " basics" range.

their clothes are cut for " 5'7'' no boobs", so you will be fine on top but their trousres will be too long. easy to take up slim legs through

boogiewoogie Sat 05-Sep-09 20:25:41


Thanks for the replies. I'm afraid a lot of the shops suggested are not in my area bar Next which I haven't set foot in for 5 years! Are there any good places online? I've looked at Topshop but they didn't have a lot that I would consider suitable for a 30 year old.

I'll try Zara online.

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