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Is it really sad to like something from Sainsbury????

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mosschops30 Fri 04-Sep-09 16:58:13

Im wondering if my pregnancy hormones are affecting my taste in clothes!
Went to Sainsbury last night and saw a lovely cardigan that I could wear, pg or not. Very thick and wintery, nice to throw over a t-shirt or vest in this funny weather. Charcoal grey and not at all offensive.

I got home and thought 'what the hell am I doing thinking of buying clothes from sainsbury'??????
Now Im not sure if its really nice or really lame and its not on their online thing so cant even link to it.
This coming from someone who never buys supermarket clothes and likes Oasis/Warehouse/TopShop etc when not pg

missmelly Fri 04-Sep-09 16:59:55

maybe sainsbury's is just doing better clothes?

TsarChasm Fri 04-Sep-09 17:13:46

I don't understand..if you like it, you like it; doesn't matter where it comes from. But then I've always been largely oblivious of brands and shop names.

Sounds very nice cardi

mosschops30 Fri 04-Sep-09 17:24:13

Yes youre right, but there are some people who buy from Matalan and look amazing, sadly Im not one of those people and if I buy stuff from supermarkets or cheap shops then it looks like that IYKWIM, I just cant carry it off.

Maybe I should buy it - £16 bargain too grin

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 04-Sep-09 17:36:05

I've bought some lovely things from Sainsbury. Look beyond the label and at the price/quality! If you like it, what's wrong with it?

Can't be doing with all the snobbery about labels.

TsarChasm Fri 04-Sep-09 18:09:51

Go with your gut instinct and feel uber smug that it was so cheap affordable; you'll enjoy it all the more I promise!grin

You could always cut out the label and become vague about which special shop you saw it in, if anyone askswink.

Actually you've piqued my curiosity. I've found a few goodies in there before, but haven't been for a while - must go and have a look.

mooseloose Fri 04-Sep-09 18:16:56

Sainsbury jewellery is very nice.

missmelly Fri 04-Sep-09 18:23:55

I used to smirk when I'd get complimented on something I was wearing and I'd say 'oh thanks, it was £2 at Primark' and watch their faces.
I wear a mix of cheapies with more expensive stuff (that I get in the sale)
I dont think it matters what label is in it

cocolepew Fri 04-Sep-09 18:28:16

Sainsbury do lovely linen tops in the summer.

senua Fri 04-Sep-09 18:29:28

LOL at worrying about buying clothes from Sainsburys. I get Sainsburys clothes from charity shops!
They are good quality and a good cut IMHO.

BlueKangerooWonders Fri 04-Sep-09 18:30:55

I love my Sainsburys cashmere cardi! And am happy to admit it to all and sundry!

twinkletoescare Fri 04-Sep-09 18:34:06

jeez i thought i was a snob!

"I got home and thought 'what the hell am I doing thinking of buying clothes from sainsbury'??????"
what? seriously does it matter?? hmm

You like it,its affordable,you will get plenty of wear so whats the problem?

IrishDraught Fri 04-Sep-09 18:34:13

A lady walked up to me in Windsor and asked where I got my sons dungarees - I said Sainsburys! She did kinda go "oh", so I though maybe I should have said Gap, but bugger it! They are lovely. I live in supermarket clothes, whilst losing weight I cannot justify something pricier. Sainsburys is DAKS compared to Tesco! Though, New Look etc. are actually cheaper.

mooseloose Fri 04-Sep-09 20:29:57

What does DAKS mean?

i prefer Sainsburys to Tesco, especially for childrens clothes. I had a really nice Tankini from Sainsbury too this year.

BerylCole Fri 04-Sep-09 21:58:52

I bought three great dresses from Tesco no long ago. Honestly - they are better quality and nicer tghan anything I've seen in 'endorsed by the Goddess kate Moss' Top Shop. Ignore labels. Go for what you like.

Paolosgirl Fri 04-Sep-09 22:02:02

What on earth is wrong with buying your clothes from Sainsburys (or any other supermarket for that matter? hmm. If you like the thing, buy it for goodness sake. Do not be a slave to the label and the marketing people.

hackedoffandcross Fri 04-Sep-09 22:11:58

I've had some great cardis and tops from Sainsburys over the last couple of yearsgrin and their childrens stuff is pretty good at the moment, esp for toddler girls. Washes quite well too, and had some lovely brightly coloured babygrows for DS, makes a change from all the pink and blue stuff. He's got a big pile of greeny vests with applique foxes/headgehogs/ allsorts autumnal things that are v cute.

Just wish I didn't keep having a look at clothes when I only went for a quick top up shop. My local Asda has put all the George stuff in a seperate store now so I've stopped going there for bread and coming home with a winter coatblush

hobnob Fri 04-Sep-09 22:53:50

My dear departed mum, who always dressed well (though not always to my taste), used to say that you should never dismiss anywhere for clothes because even the most unlikely places can come up trumps. So a long-winded way of saying of course you should get it.

mosschops30 Sat 05-Sep-09 16:38:42

Lol at some of these replies, Im not a snob about labels, Im hardly dressed in Gucci fgs, I just dont normally buy from the supermarket.

But anyway I BOUGHT IT, and I love it grin cant wait to wear it tomorrow and I will be nice and smug .. . er I mean snug wink

Wallace Sat 05-Sep-09 16:43:53

If my kids get handed down clothes from Sainsbury's I think "Wow - posh!" grin

TheDailyStale Sat 05-Sep-09 16:48:55

I bought this from Sainsbos the other day for £16 last week and it's the softest cardigan I've ever bought

Obviously I'm not as skinny as the model..

stillfrazzled Sat 05-Sep-09 20:12:32

I admired a friend's skirt recently thinking it was Monsoon, and that was Sainsbos, and my friend's DD is always dressed absolutely beautifully, and whenever I ask about something, guess where it's from?

Haven't got anything for myself or DS there for ages, but can feel a trip coming on...

paddingtonbear1 Sat 05-Sep-09 22:09:51

I like quite a few things from Sainsburys and have bought dd some fab dresses from there. Glad you bought your cardi!

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