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so just out of interest, what sort of school bags do kids like these days?

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CarrieDababi Fri 04-Sep-09 14:46:17

in my day.

head bags where the in thing.

please don't tell its its an over sized prada bag and big sunnies or something!

deaddei Fri 04-Sep-09 14:51:38

Animal bags (by animal, not in the shape of one I mean)
Just Do it bags are chavvy apparently.

CarrieDababi Fri 04-Sep-09 15:19:36

oh thanks for the reply, it's intersting to know

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 15:50:18

for girls (younger) andboys ( all ages) its anumal rucksacks - lots in tk maxxx atm

for girls Y9 and above its large handbags

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 15:51:47

liek this

Buda Fri 04-Sep-09 15:54:10

Well DS is 8 and is using a green and black Dunnes Stores rucksack bought about 3 years ago for 5 Euros! He was offered a new one for this year and refused. He may not be totally up to date on what is fashionable though!

CarrieDababi Fri 04-Sep-09 15:56:01

omg at school girls with those massive hand bags.

aww at budas ds.

CarrieDababi Fri 04-Sep-09 15:57:44

ah so these are the animal rucks sacks then

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 15:58:02

yes one girl today was very cross that she now had to have A4 size books
" but miss they wont fit in my bag"
she said holding up one the size of a match box

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 15:58:36

yes carrie btu that is a reamrkably dull one
look at tk maxx they had some yest

Wilts Fri 04-Sep-09 15:59:03

Ds1 had an animal rucksack last year (yr7) and is using a messenger style bag this year.

He is debating getting a retro style gola bag but thinks they might be too common at his school

He absolutely would not be seen out with any sort of proper sports branded bag, Nike etc

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 15:59:47

like a man bag
ooh that is cool

Wilts Fri 04-Sep-09 16:01:08

Noahfence- My little sis is in yr 10 and uses a bag the size of a match box grin. She has managed to get some 'special' pencil case in Smiths that looks as if it will hold one pen and be full hmm

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 16:02:23


its seems big leather like ones are IN

CarrieDababi Fri 04-Sep-09 16:02:55

lol at those books won't fit in my bag!

bloody hell

like the sound of retro gola

serenity Fri 04-Sep-09 16:05:20

'Named' bags are banned in DS1's school, which is both good and a pita (can't believe how hard it was to find a completely unlogo'd plain black rucksack) Luckily he's not bothered - don't think he cares what's in and what's not atm, I'm sure that'll change as the school year progresses though...

chosenone Fri 04-Sep-09 16:07:22

Oh NoahFence thats MY school bag! but im a teacher. I've seen quite a few girls using big designer bags

abouteve Fri 04-Sep-09 16:07:32

In our school it's Animal backpacks for boys and girls, my DD prefers to take a large black handbag but will still take the backpack if she has PE kit to carry.

GrapefruitMoon Fri 04-Sep-09 17:18:58

Younger secondary school girls seem to like Roxy backpacks. Older ones have Jane Norman carrier bags...

GrapefruitMoon Fri 04-Sep-09 17:25:12

Noah, when dd started Yr 7 last year she wanted a messenger style one so I got her a cheap one from the market first (in case she deemed it uncool within days) - she was moaning about backache within a week and borrowing an old backpack of mine - got her the Roxy one at Christmas.

So if it's for your ds I would wait a bit before splashing out until he knows what is popular with his classmates.

BTW do you remember a thread from years ago where a teacher wink had got older girls to do a guide for Yr 7s - seem to remember there were some good bits of advice in that if it could be found again... the one that sticks in my mind was that the girls should wear crop-tops even if they weren't at the bra stage yet!

seeker Fri 04-Sep-09 17:30:51

Dd - going into year 9. Any bag that is significantly too small for her books and significantly not waterproof so that her carefully prepared homework ends up a scrumpled soggy mess at the bottom.

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 17:45:09

oh yes crop tops,. white socks and the " gay pole"

janeite Fri 04-Sep-09 17:50:15

Dd1 says that all the 'cool' people in KS4 have large, leather-look tote style bags. hers was from New Look. She says that the 'chavs' (disclaimer: her words not mine) have Jane Norman.

DD1 will be starting Yr 8 and has just bought an Animal messenger-style bag after now refusing to use her perfectly good rucksack bought for Yr 7.

For both of them, their main concern was that the bag be big enough to fit all of their stuff in.

NoahFence Fri 04-Sep-09 18:04:49

dd and i agree

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