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I am a Woman of a Certian Age and Today Bought a ....

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galletti Thu 03-Sep-09 22:54:23

Leather Biker Jacket in Zara!

I went to Oxford Street to buy buy school cardis with dd, and popped into Zara on the way and there it was, looking at me. Tried it on, did the ' I think I am too old' thing with dd, who dragged me to the checkout with it, and I Love it! I have always wanted one, but could never justify it - they used to be a lot more expensive - but, am I too old to pull it off? 46?

MadBadOnlyReadsTheBroadsheets Thu 03-Sep-09 22:57:06

I am older than you and still hanker after a leather jacket. Can you do a link?

<<Attempts biker chic>>

serinBrightside Thu 03-Sep-09 23:01:03

You go girl!

galletti Thu 03-Sep-09 23:11:04

Mad Bad - Am trying to find it online, but can't, - it is in the Zara basics range and only £99.00, but looks much more expensive. And thanks Mad Bad and Serin - yes we can still do it!

Katisha Thu 03-Sep-09 23:13:40

The Zara website is impenetrable to all except those who can hack into Pentagon computers...

lou33 Thu 03-Sep-09 23:17:09

i just found one on the zara site but i dont think it links, looks really nice though

i would wear it

Crapweasel Thu 03-Sep-09 23:53:49

Is it this one?

I like...

ADifferentMe Fri 04-Sep-09 08:47:51


off to Zara on Sunday, aged 47.

nappyzoneisback Fri 04-Sep-09 08:52:14

ooo i really like that - is it padded enough to keep you warm - not sure if we have one near us oop north but i want it envy age nearly 34.

GentleOtter Fri 04-Sep-09 09:03:02

envy I would look like Meatloaf in it.

MadBadOnlyReadsTheBroadsheets Fri 04-Sep-09 11:02:05

It is lovely but I too worry about Meatloaf (and norkage) issues.

bodenites Fri 04-Sep-09 11:05:51

i am 46 too we are just young uns go for it!!!!

Rubyrubyruby Fri 04-Sep-09 11:12:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galletti Fri 04-Sep-09 11:19:14

Oops, sorry didn't reply earlier! Yup, that's the one, and ooh, I'm 'on trend'! It really is lovely, reallty wanted to wear it today, but don't think it would go down too well at work, and 2) it's a bit too warm here, really. Oh well, will just have to dance around in it at home later.

Yes, Nappy it did feel warm. Go for it!

MaryBS Fri 04-Sep-09 11:21:26

43 and yes I would wear it. Go for it!

sincitylover Fri 04-Sep-09 11:43:18

I would wear this too - 40 something grin

Am also wearing leggings too!! hmm

galletti Fri 04-Sep-09 12:00:35

Yes, I do leggings too.

noddyholder Fri 04-Sep-09 12:02:08

I have seen it its lovely.They have a navy one I'd love and amm 44 soon and wouldn't think twice tbh.Enjoy!

lou33 Fri 04-Sep-09 12:06:45

it baffles me why there are age limits self imposed on fashion

as long as what you wear suits you, and you feel good in it, then that is all that matters surely?

(lou33, 42.5, wearing a mini skirt and grey tartan tights today )

noddyholder Fri 04-Sep-09 12:20:25

Well said lou.I have green mc hammer trousers on today with a fitted t shirt and ballet pumps!Mutton tastic

SausageRocket Fri 04-Sep-09 12:24:40

oh god, mc hammer trousers should be consigned to fashion landfill. No matter whether you are 16 or 66.

I like the jacket though OP. PMSL @ 'meatloaf' references

noddyholder Fri 04-Sep-09 12:28:44

Oh no these are lush tailored green silk I will be wearing when I'm 70!

noddyholder Fri 04-Sep-09 12:31:55 love them so comfy

SausageRocket Fri 04-Sep-09 12:34:54

those look better than the terrible polycotton ones that are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too baggy in the crotch as sold by Primark et al. However, I'm still not convinced...

That said, I am hardly a style maven today in a watermelon coloured vest top and dark skinnyflare jeans. Am supposed to be cleaning today so not exactly chic

Jewelsandgems Fri 04-Sep-09 14:10:28

How does it look open galletti?

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