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Green tights

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redhotredhead Thu 03-Sep-09 16:02:16

Need a pair of green tights by Sunday - who knows where nest selction of coloured tights on hight street please? Have looked online but can't deliver on time. They are to match these shoes from Next

CybilLiberty Thu 03-Sep-09 16:03:58

Unless you want to look like Kermit the frog I would steer clear of green tights with green shoes. A clash would be much more fun, purple? Nice shoes though.

CHOOGIRL Thu 03-Sep-09 16:36:14

Try Falke - stocked in John Lewis, House of Fraser and Selfridges.

BunnyLebowski Thu 03-Sep-09 16:44:01

NO! Listen to your Auntie Cybil!

Those shoes are fab but with green tights?? NO WAY!

You will look like him

Unless it's a fancy dress party you're going to?

redhotredhead Tue 08-Sep-09 18:31:11

You were all right! Went with purple and it looked fab - had many admiring remarks. Hurrah - never had a pair of coloured shoes in my life and now want to wear them all the time. If only ...

BunnyLebowski Fri 11-Sep-09 10:00:08


Purple sounds fab! Gorgeous shoes.....wear em as much as you can!

BonsoirAnna Fri 11-Sep-09 10:02:59

Those shoes do not require green tights - on the contrary!

KnickersandVests Fri 11-Sep-09 10:03:58

My sister had green tights last year and when she wore them she looked the hulk.

<disclaimer-my sister is slim and beautiful, not hulk like in the least>

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