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Help! Need an outfit for sister's wedding next week...

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choppychopster Thu 03-Sep-09 13:10:55

I've left it far too late to get something to wear for DSis's wedding next week. Please stylish women of mumsnet, help me with some suggestions so I don't spend hours trawling the shops aimlessly with my 3yo DD and end up with nothing or something I don't really like but grabbing in a panic.

I am 5'8'', a pear shaped size 10-12 (big bum, small waist and boobs). I don't like my thighs (far too fat and pasty), so nothing too short. i like my arms, but not sure about the weather so might need a wrap or cardi.

They are getting married at Shoreditch Town Hall, then a reception in a bar on Brick Lane where they'll have a meal and band. They're having a vague 60s theme, so would appreciate a nod to that era which suits me as I'm a big Mad Men fan (Joan's slinkiness, rather than some of Betty's more flouncy dresses).

Budgetwise, I can go up to £100, but would prefer to spend less.

Thanks in advance! smile

choppychopster Thu 03-Sep-09 13:39:16

Oh, and I'm 31 BTW if that makes any difference....

choppychopster Thu 03-Sep-09 19:10:50


upamountain Thu 03-Sep-09 19:45:41

This Oasis dress was linked to a few days ago and although it is quite simple I like it.
It would look lovely with a great pair of heels and bag.
There is a 20% off code online if you do a quick search.
Not sure if it fits 60's idea you were looking for but someone may come along with a better idea.

choppychopster Fri 04-Sep-09 14:01:00

Thanks upamountain. Have some lovely silver heels and handbag that will look good with that.Will see if I can get Dh to pick DD up from nursery then pop into Oasis to try it on on my way home from work. Do you know where the 20% online discount is as the only thing I've found expired months ago?

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