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Need advice on Belly Bandits, preg belly belts and underwired maternity bras

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MrsMerryHenry Tue 01-Sep-09 21:27:13

Right-ho, first of all has anyone tried these? They look incredibly uncomfortable but I'm damned if I'm going through another year and a half of flabby, saggy post-natal tummy ( thinking ahead a bit seeing as I'm not quite at the 8 weeks' preg mark!)

Also I'm thinking of buying something like this so that I can keep wearing my normal jeans for a while, but then I'd also like a support band to wear during pregnancy - maybe that would be a better purchase than the 'bandeau'? I'm not sold on buying them from Jojo, so if you have a better recommendation please fire away!

Finally, has anyone tried the underwired mat bras? Any good for support? Are there any which you can wear while bfing? I'll need mega support during bf if my last preg is anything to go by.

MrsMerryHenry Tue 01-Sep-09 22:44:17


ho ho ho


sleepysox Wed 02-Sep-09 09:57:19

I can help with the Bump Bandeau and support band.

I had the JMB bandeau and sold it on because it fitted OK around my growing bump, but my jeans just fell down from under it- not a good look! In the end I bought a cheapo one from fleabay and it did work better. It was only good for about 2-3 months until I could start wearing maternity jeans. I'm going to use it to cover my deflated balloon belly when BF in public when bubs is born!

The Carriwell support band is the one I'm currently using. It is beyond brilliant. I have used it from 5 months pg and am using it every day with 5 weeks to go. It is amazing. It is the only support band I've tried that dopesn't dig in, roll down or show through normal clothes. It is my pregnancy's best buy along with Fun mum maternity jeans. I have tried the Emma Jane one and another I can't remember and the Carriwell one beats them hands down for comfort and offers a good level of support.

There are reviews for the Belly Bandit on not all are glowing ... I'm going to buy a cheaper one from fleabay when I get some money.

I'll stop talking now, now that I've bombarded you with all this

MrsBadger Wed 02-Sep-09 10:02:30

never had any belly bandy things so can't help there. I wore next-size-up jeans for a month or two.

Anita do good underwired nursing bras, but don't buy till 4-6wks after birth once your supply has settled down else you'll get the wrong size. H&M Mama sometimes have them too but only in a limited range of sizes

I wore normal underiwred bras during pg (changing size often - I bought cheap Tesco ones so could replace frequently) - they are fine so long as they fit.

MrsMerryHenry Wed 02-Sep-09 14:59:34

Sleepysox! <<blows kiss>. What fabulous advice. I have actually bought two cheapy ones from fleabay (did it last night) as they have high elastane content (10%). I know what you mean about 'deflated balloon belly' (ROFL) - last time I put up with it but this time I'm putting my self and self-esteem first!

MrsBadger (hi there!), I thought that normal wiring is meant to restrict the milk ducts, which is why they recommend maternity bras. That said I don't see the point in buying one set of bras for preg and one for bfing, when I could just save money by buying double the quantity of bfing bras. There are several bras which claim to grow with you, so I'll see how much support they offer and then hopefully just buy one set. I'm expecting to grow from a C-cup by the end of preg to a whopping G cup during BF - having been an A/B all my life this was, to say the least, overwhelming when it happened with DS!. All I could think was 'Bridgitte Nielsen, eat your heart out!' grin

MrsBadger Wed 02-Sep-09 15:16:10

the danger is of ill-fitting underiwres digging in - well-fitting ones should sit flat against your ribs and not compress any actual breast tissue at all

Bravado bras are fab do grow with you but are not wired - more like a sports bra - and are ideal for late pg / early bfing

wired bras by definition cannot grow with you - ones that fit in late pg will no way fit after the birth - your ribs shrink and your cups grow.

Remember you may be wearing a nursing bra for much longer than a maternity bra!

MrsMerryHenry Wed 02-Sep-09 20:59:40

I tried bravado bras last time - just not supportive enough at all. So I've chucked them all and am looking for something better.

Good advice, though; maybe I should splash out on two sets of bras after all.

sleepysox Wed 02-Sep-09 22:29:08

Ooh I was going for Bravados this time. What sort did you use? I was looking at the Bravado plus or double plus. I am large of nork and need something v. supportive- shaped boulder holders if they exist!

I have been using Carriwell seemless bras and they are V. comfy, but not quite supportive enough and don't give much of a shape.

MrsBadger Thu 03-Sep-09 08:35:59

oh I am petite-ish of nork, no bigger than a DD even at max newborn milk-explodo levels, so I can see why Bravados might not have suited you.

LexisMummy Thu 03-Sep-09 14:50:20

You can now get an Underwired Nursing Bra from Anita or an Underwired Maternity Bra from Anita sized from 32-38 to a H cup for big boobs... Alternatively, Bravado have just launched a New Sublime Maternity & Nursing Bra in Red or Cream this usn't underwired, but does Dual sizing, ie F/G or H/I or J/K and is absolutley supportive for the larger booby. Runs in a 32-38 upto a K cup. So if you want to wear for the pregnancy and then BF it will cover a couple of sizes. All more expensive than Tesco though!Essentially, as long as the bra isn't too tight, the underwired thing is fine...

sherby Thu 03-Sep-09 14:59:33

I just ordered next bump bands and they are HUGE

ordered s/m and it just falls down

MrsMerryHenry Thu 03-Sep-09 23:05:08

Sleepy, if your norks are big I would definitely not recommend Bravado's. Bearing in mind they'll be full of milk and so heavier than a non-bfing big-breasted woman, you really need something industrial IME. I actually think it's worthwhile going to a pro bra fitter if you can spare the time about a week after giving birth. Bravado gave my norks a really crap, saggy shape - nothing like the perky mamas they'd been pre-preg. Made me look v middle-aged.

Interesting to see that Bravado have brought out something more supportive, however, the other annoying thing about them was the 'racer back' design which means you can't wear strappy vest tops without showing the whole thing at the back.

Thanks for bra info, Lexi.

MrsMerryHenry Thu 03-Sep-09 23:07:44

Might be worth looking here for big norks - I think they're much more judicious about selecting bras that actually work.

hophophippidtyhop Fri 04-Sep-09 13:41:03

I was a j cup during bfing instead of my usual ff, and I have to say i couldn't get on with maternity or nursing bras. Never felt supported enough,and the times I tried a nursing bra, I had it so tight to gain some kind of support that I had the beginnings of mastitis. I just used normal underwires, during pregnancy I had a back extender on it which helped, and just got refitted again afterwards. As long as the bra fits you well, you should be ok.

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