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Best foundation for oily t-zone

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Sexonlegs Tue 01-Sep-09 20:33:18

Ladies, I know I can count on you for advice. The title says it all.

I use Estee Lauder equalizer atm, and have done for a few years. However, I seem to get shiny rund my t-zone within a few hours.

So, can anyone recommend a foundation that is going to help??

mamalovesmojitos Tue 01-Sep-09 21:08:03

i have a relatively oily t-zone and i find estee lauder's double wear quite good. doesn't slide off very easily.

Sexonlegs Tue 01-Sep-09 21:27:42

Thanks Mama; I have to say I do like EL foundations - used Lucidity about 10 years ago- so if EL has something that steps up to the mark, then fab.

Anyone else??

MissisBoot Wed 02-Sep-09 09:09:01

Bobbi brown oil free foundations are v good - you can get a compact and liquid foundation - both are very longlasting too

Clure Wed 02-Sep-09 10:49:47

I've just started using this moisturiser its great for oily t zones

Sexonlegs Wed 02-Sep-09 15:02:32

Clure, that looks; have just ordered some as the rviews are fab!

Have also heard about Bobbi Brown oil-free stuff; where stocks it? I haven't seen their stuff apart from at airports.

ruddynorah Wed 02-Sep-09 15:03:55

oil cleansing method got rid of my oily t zone. can use any make up at all now, and no oil or grease or overly shiny.

mathanxiety Wed 02-Sep-09 16:08:43

Oil cleansing works for me too, although I thought it was crazy when I first heard it. I also heard that using Phillips milk of magnesia (the original formula, without the mineral oil) as a pre foundation treatment, will help with oiliness. You spread a thin layer over the oily zone and when it's dry apply foundation. Caution -- I haven't tried this myself.

VeronicaMars Wed 02-Sep-09 16:18:59

I was using Clarins and like that too I would have a shiny t zone within hours, I ran out and couldn't get my colour so I used some Mabeline Liquid to Powder that I had in a drawer and I now have a shine free face! It's also a lot cheaper as well.

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