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So, what would your Autumn capsule wardrobe be?

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TFINaptime Tue 01-Sep-09 12:35:35

I'm a SAHM with a 15mo DS and I need ideas!!

suwoo Tue 01-Sep-09 12:38:03

i'm on mat leave with 3 DC and am breastfeeding.

Mine is over knee boots
Leggings (might buy some jeggings)
jumper dresses (from last year)
Shirt dresses with waist belt for easy breastfeeding

Thats it so far.

ThingOne Tue 01-Sep-09 12:58:08

I have a pair of jeans, two new long length vests which tuck into my jeans properly to avoid those school run chills, two new light woolly tops (one a fancy cardigan and one a longer tunic) and a lightweight jacket (again to keep me warm against the wind on the school run).

I will also be buying a new pair of black knee boots fairly soon.

I am not fashionable. I don't care. I just like to look nice.

deaddei Tue 01-Sep-09 14:14:12

Well I think you'll look lovely ThingOne!

Bleh Tue 01-Sep-09 14:15:38

Suwoo, where do you buy your shirt dresses from?

suwoo Tue 01-Sep-09 14:17:23

Reaaally expensive exclusive places Bleh.

Asda and Primark grin

Bleh Tue 01-Sep-09 14:23:32

Oooh, Aaaaaaasda and Primarni. You are fancy!

suwoo Tue 01-Sep-09 14:26:55

Gotta love Primarni. They look nice and are proper hamdy for whipping my tits out.

Proper classy me grin

LetThemEatCake Tue 01-Sep-09 15:09:21

I'm all about the 'whip yer boobs out' choices at the moment ... dc3 due in 3 weeks

bought a Ruby Rocks dress on the weekend on sale for £25 ... the parrot dress style (zip up the front, but think it's been pinned for this pic, it's much looser through the waist, really) but in the horse print. It's roolly nice! should be good over leggings and all that.

suwoo Tue 01-Sep-09 15:35:21

Thats really nice LTEC, I'm loving the zip, perfect for our purposes grin

LetThemEatCake Tue 01-Sep-09 15:39:54

I've made my first venture over to the dark side (aka Boden) too ...

buttons!! wool!! warm!!

suwoo, how is life with 3 going? I am feeling mostly good about it ... what's the reality?

joliejolie Tue 01-Sep-09 16:03:10

Mine is topshop Martha jean, Boden boyfriend cardigan, Uggs amd whatever t-shirt or shirt I choose for the day. I am really into All Saints tees at the moment.

Bleh Tue 01-Sep-09 16:25:27

I am very much liking the idea of this dress for autumn with leggings and heels. Hm.

I don't want to think too much about autumn TBH. Depresses me no end that summer's finishing (sob)

used2bthin Tue 01-Sep-09 16:30:25

joliejolie its the t shirt or shirt bit I can't find ever! I've been looking for two years ffor t shirts to wear over skinny jeans with a boyfriend cardi. Mind you I need something that will hide my tummy so maybe thats why I struggle.

LetThemEatCake Tue 01-Sep-09 16:32:14

used2bthin have you tried American Vintage? Available at

used2bthin Tue 01-Sep-09 16:35:37

I haven't, we are the same size/shape I think so I will have a look. Although my wardrobe may be too expensive for me.

used2bthin Tue 01-Sep-09 16:36:31

Meant to say thanks!

monkeysmama Tue 01-Sep-09 16:55:12

Bleh have you ordered that dress? I have a black one I got from M&S last winter and love and have been looking for a grey one and this looks like it could be it (thank you!) Is it nice?

Bleh Tue 01-Sep-09 17:00:20

I haven't ordered it, just been eyeing it up.

Clure Tue 01-Sep-09 17:15:50

Bleh I love that grey dress, it would look fab with thick tights and boots as well as leggings.
I've just bought a pair of black skinny jeans, martha jeans, a vintage style tshirt, batwing top (yikes did the 80's thing the first time round!)
also got this i NEVER usually buy from next but this looks lovely with opaques and knee high boots

suwoo Tue 01-Sep-09 17:36:48

Sorry LTEC, had visitors. Life with three is going really well actually. No3 is sleeping well (in with me) at night which is helping. It was the first school run today and it was fine.

Anyway, back to our wardrobes....

these are the boots I have bought, but I can't wear my jeans yet due to my c section infection hmm so am living in leggings.

LetThemEatCake Tue 01-Sep-09 21:55:49

so glad to hear that suwoo!! Sorry about your infection though sad

I bought this today as part of my A/W capsule wardrobe ... I also have this, but without the Suzy Quatro hair

And a leather pencil skirt. Scoff all you like. It's lush, all buttery and soft. Plan is to fit back into it this side of Xmas .hmmm

tulpe Tue 01-Sep-09 22:15:41

LTEC......think I might have a slightly girly crush on you blush and your wardrobe

Where is the leather pencil skirt from? I wouldn't scoff at all.

Am toying with idea of black sequin mini, tbh. Thought it might look gorgeously slinky with Wolford velvet opaques and over-sized black cashmere v or roll neck jumper and either heels or ankle boots.

tulpe Tue 01-Sep-09 22:16:22

Obviously, black sequin mini would be for evening wear....not school run

PutDown Tue 01-Sep-09 22:16:41

I will be wearing
Wideleg tweed trousers with v neck jumper,Boden cropped cashmere cardigan or Boyfriend cardigan,with heeled patent Mary Janes from Clarks.
White Stuff cord skirt with Autograph cashmere tights and boots.
Leggings,boots and White Stuff,Boden or Kew knitted dresses/tunics(I have one of each)
Jeans,tee shirts from Uniqlo or New Look,open longer length cardigans from White Company,Boden,Autograph,Noa Noa or Avoca(These come out every year,have added White Company and Autograph ones to my collection this year!)
Chunky bangles/necklaces.
Oh,and when it gets colder I bought the Boden velvet coat in purple,so will be wearing that!

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