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Do you need to be skinny to wear skinny jeans and where can you get nice yet inexpensive ones from?

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IdrisTheDragon Mon 31-Aug-09 11:41:02

Am size 12 veering towards 10 on my bottom half. With a pear shaped figure so waist more like 8-10 and bottom more like 12.

Can I wear skinny jeans? And if so where can I get some cheaply and nicely?

Corporalcornsillk Mon 31-Aug-09 11:41:31


IdrisTheDragon Mon 31-Aug-09 11:42:13

Thank you smile

Is on the list of exciting places DS and I are going to today grin

civilfawlty Mon 31-Aug-09 11:43:03

No, you dont need to be skinny. just go for slightly more veering to straight, rather than skin tight. And, gap/ new look/ top shop.

But... I always get the higher rise ones from new look (can bear the feeling of trousers half way down by bottom) and then put a seam up the bag to get the leg shape I want)

wingandprayer Mon 31-Aug-09 11:44:08

Depends on leg shape really - you want to avoid looking like a carrot after all! Topshop Martha style are brilliant because they are skinny but straight legged rather than over clingy. Very flattering and I am a 10 (good day, breathing in)/12 (bad day, too much wine)

Corporalcornsillk Mon 31-Aug-09 11:44:32

hehhee! I had a lovely skinny pair from Tesco - needed a belt though as they tended to fall down a bit.

MamaLazarou Mon 31-Aug-09 13:08:32

I think you do need to be skinny, yes, or at least boyish - otherwise you just look like you've got an enormous arse.

pcworld Mon 31-Aug-09 16:50:06

Uniqlo are v good for skinny jeans at a reasonable price.

sherby Mon 31-Aug-09 16:52:26

no not at all, but wear a top that covers arse

I have a big friend who wears them and looks fab but she wears with a tunic style top over

teachpeach Mon 31-Aug-09 18:48:24

I am a good size 14, so always wear mine with a tunic top to cover thighs and bum - I got them from Primark as didn't want to spend much in case I didn't like them. Have worn them loads this summer, full length and with a turn up!

AnAuntieNotAMum Mon 31-Aug-09 18:55:50

I'm pear shape and wear skinny flares, good for pear shape to balance out the bum smile

mimsum Mon 31-Aug-09 22:34:21

sorry, I do think that unless you are skinny or at least slender and elegant of limb then skinny jeans look awful ...

it's not neccessarily a size thing - I take the same size as my sister and yet she looks brilliant in skinny jeans as she's got slim legs and I look awful (with my chunky, muscly pins)

And whatever style they are, jeans which are too tight are just hideous - I've seen some truly horrible sights recently which make me wonder if some people ever look in a mirror before leaving the house hmm

IdrisTheDragon Mon 31-Aug-09 23:05:45

Had a look at some in Tesco but my sartorial guide (DS 5) felt they didn't look quite right grin.

I am intending them to be worn with tunics/dresses so my bottom will be covered at all times. Will keep searching smile

LetThemEatCake Mon 31-Aug-09 23:14:56

I'm not skinny and I wear them - well, before I got pregnant again, that is. Am planning to be back in them soon after the baby is born though!!!

I had issues with the idea of wearing them at first so stuck a toe in the water with a pair from Primark (thinking, if I hate them, it's only £8 I've wasted...) Once I got my head around them and the requisite number of compliments grin!!!! I spent £40 on a pair from Topshop which looked even better as they didn't sag and stretch.

Just balance out your top half with horizontal stripes/ shoulder detail etc etc. You're slim, you'll be fine!!

4andnotout Tue 01-Sep-09 11:41:18

Im a 20 and wear skinny jeans, i have decent legs and wear them with long line t shirts, jumpers, or vests and boyfriend cardigans and i love them.

MelvinIsABigGirlNow Tue 01-Sep-09 12:50:09

Wallis have some skinny straight jeans atm - v comfy and I think they have some in the sale

nappyaddict Tue 01-Sep-09 12:55:04

Sainsburys. Avoid New Look, DP and H&M. They all go baggy after a couple of hours!

IdrisTheDragon Thu 03-Sep-09 14:25:36

Have got some from Asda. Ordered them a couple of days ago and they are here. Like them a lot but think that at 5 foot 4 I am possibly short rather than regular. Think I will go into an Asda and see if they have short and will exchange.

DD (other sartorial expert, aged 3) says they look nice with a dress over the top smile

HarryB Fri 04-Sep-09 10:08:06

I am a 16 but have good legs, quite slim hips and a not too bad arse. I do however, have quite a tummy on me from the NHS butcher's em-CS - and too many gu-pots. To give you an idea, I'd probably be a 12 if it wasn't for the stomach. Could I get away with them, or will I look like a spinning top?

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