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Any good websites to buy genuine Ugg boots?

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ilikeyoursleeves Sat 29-Aug-09 23:11:06

I'm looking to get a new pair of Uggs, some tall ones I think but they are £190 shock. Does anyone know of any good websites that are selling genuine Uggs at a cheaper price or with a discount?


joliejolie Sun 30-Aug-09 00:37:10

There is an extra 10% off if you order by Monday, but their prices are always the lowest around anyway.

bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 12:45:17

JJ - have been on the cloggs website - no mention of 10% off????? Do you have a code or something?

joliejolie Sun 30-Aug-09 18:19:28

Yeah sorry. And the code I have here is for £10 off, not 10% sorry. the 10% off is only for DM's. Still good though.
The code expires on August 31st (tomorrow) and is BTA91 (make sure you use capitals).

Rollmops Sun 30-Aug-09 18:47:44

All websites selling Ugg boots should be banished form cyberspace [yuckkk].

tinseltot Mon 31-Aug-09 11:23:04

Ultra tall Ugg boots here in sand in sizes 5, 7 and 8 and are £122 down from £220 in the sale. esize=20&sort=-1&clr=Sand

Or tall Uggs here in baked clay in sizes 3 and 7 and are £105 down from £180 in the sale. gesize=20&sort=-1&clr=BakedClay

All the other colours though are full price at £190 though sorry.

chimchar Mon 31-Aug-09 11:55:05

BAT71 for 15% off in cloggs. i accidentally just bought a pair! blushgrin

what is the sizing rule for uggs? do you go up or down a size?

tinseltot Mon 31-Aug-09 12:14:02

I go up a little. Am a 6 and a half so go or a 7. The sheepskin inside makes them very snug fitting. Will you keep them chimchar?! What colour did you buy?

ilikeyoursleeves Mon 31-Aug-09 14:48:40

I bought some off Cloggs last night! But didn't see your 15% off code chimchar ARGH although I did get a tenner off. Figure although they are pricey I will get my moneys worth cos my 3 year old short ones are still going strong and they never leave my feet!

joliejolie Mon 31-Aug-09 14:53:26

I usually buy my same size. I think if you go up too much, your feet just slip around like crazy after a few months.

notjustapuppymum Mon 31-Aug-09 14:57:12

I go down a size, they have loads of give and if you don't, then after a few months you get that horrible lopsided look to them

bobs Mon 31-Aug-09 15:10:48

YAAAAAAY - I'm so pleased - just paid £119 for a pair of short Uggs and saved £21 - many many thanks first to JJ for answering, also more to Chimchar for an even better code. In this day of teenagers wanting so much and having to have the real Mccoy (?) any savings greatfully appreciated. I'd already spent ages trying to find where to buy from (House of Fraser £160) and cloggs didn't show up on my searches.
Just shows - always go to MN to find out anything.
FYI - the last pair I bought that I think were genuine were a big fit - I always thought you should go for a size smaller...however do free P&P on exchanges - YIPPEEEEE grin

joliejolie Mon 31-Aug-09 15:35:00

Cloggs are brillaint. I buy loads from them and I have always had a good experience.

chimchar Thu 03-Sep-09 11:28:18

my "accidental" purchase from cloggs arrived this morning....i was so excited, i let out a little squeak when i opened the door to the postie!

anyway. my new uggs are L U S H! grin

have yet to take them off..... i got the stupidly expensive biker style kensington ones in toast colour. i have in my defence been lusting after them for ages, and have had a really shitty few months, so decided to treat myself, make all the better with the 15% discount! so thanks for the op! wink

anniemac Thu 03-Sep-09 11:41:58

Message withdrawn

anniemac Thu 03-Sep-09 11:49:15

Message withdrawn

ilikeyoursleeves Thu 03-Sep-09 11:58:49

i got my uggs this morning too and i love them! all new and cosy and fluffy inside, yippeeeeeeeeee toasty feet all winter! thanks for the discount code

skymoo Wed 28-Oct-09 11:01:06

Hi just wondering if anyone has a discount code for genuine ugg boots...pretty please

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