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Cheap spaghetti strap LONG vest tops....

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SpawnChorus Sat 29-Aug-09 15:01:33

What's the best place to get 'em? New Look? Primark? H&M?

They are to go underneath normal tops so I can hoik up my outer top for BFing without revealing flabby midriff, so they need to be quite stretchy.

nickschick Sat 29-Aug-09 15:03:04

deffo primark imo i had to alter all my strappy tops from there as they came v low down .....

cerys Sat 29-Aug-09 15:04:25

I just got a pack of 3 in black, grey and white from New Look online. They are longer than most I've seen in the shops and cover my midriff

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Aug-09 15:07:12

nickschick - how much are the Primark ones? Cerys - is that the pack of three for £9?

YouAreRight Sat 29-Aug-09 15:07:52

h and m

beaniebaby25 Sat 29-Aug-09 15:08:00

The H&M ones are fab, and they've got loads of colours and slightly different styles too (ie slightly thicker straps, stripey colours, varying lengths). Think they're £3.99, last ages. You need a big H&M though.

When oh WHEN will H&M have online shopping!?!? They're missing out on some serious custom from me!

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Aug-09 15:10:46

Are the H&M ones stretchy enough to be pulled down over a bosom though? I've had v nice h&m vests in the past, but they tend to be quite sturdy IME.

nickschick Sat 29-Aug-09 15:11:12

Prinark ones are about 97p each!!!

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Aug-09 15:12:57

wow! you do realise that I'm going to feel hard done by now if I have to pay over £1 for a vest?? grin

nickschick Sat 29-Aug-09 15:15:45

lol grin.

IdrisTheDragon Sat 29-Aug-09 15:24:00

I am wearing a black one from primark that was 97p

nickschick Sat 29-Aug-09 15:28:02

i am wearing a long pink one that was 97p!!!

in fact i have loads to wear under all my clothes and i think they are well worth 97p lol.

janeite Sat 29-Aug-09 17:01:10

But WHY are the Primark ones 97p?

M&S do decent ones - mine are about four years old and still look new.

providentielle Sat 29-Aug-09 19:53:19

I have just bought 3 primark ones, they were £1.50 each and are lovely and soft and long. Make sure you get the ones that are like a folded over seam at the neck and not the shiny kind of bit as it can get discoloured over time.
They are an amazing buy and so far washing well, they are thicker and longer than my m&s ones too.

nickschick Sat 29-Aug-09 19:54:23

I prefer the primark ones to my m&s ones too- in fact even tescos vests are better than m&s.

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