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lovely dress

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Clure Fri 28-Aug-09 20:48:48

I never buy clothes from next, however today I received my order of this dress. I'm so pleased with it. It look lovely on, its the petite version and so for me it is actually the right length for a change! Its silky material and hangs nicely. I would be wearing it with opaques and knee boots for a more wintery feel.

AbricotsSecs Fri 28-Aug-09 20:51:12

Message withdrawn

FabMum1 Fri 28-Aug-09 20:51:43

Oh Clure, thats gorgeous!

largeginandtonic Fri 28-Aug-09 20:51:49

Very nice.

I'm tempeted.

Heated Fri 28-Aug-09 20:57:23

Is it navy or black? (thinking about colour of boots to wear with it) Think it really helps to be petite or willowy envy

I can be quite Next-ist, but do find if I look carefully enough I can find some really good buys.

Clure Fri 28-Aug-09 22:17:06

Its actually purple. I couldn't find it in the shop and had to order online, that's always a bit hit and miss with sizing.

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