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Please could you help me remember the name of the American Clothes company.....

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cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 19:09:01

Hi, my first posting in this section blush.
I've lost a load of weight this year after battling the bulge for many years, I am now on my way to being slim, fit and healthy. Anyway, the point of this thread is - years ago I was sent a catalogue for a really well known American company and used to gaze in wonder at the lovely, stylish and slim fitting clothes I (thought) could never wear. After losing all this weight I'd love to order something (or just have a squiz) from the website, but I can't remember the name of the sodding company and angry.

Would be very grateful for any suggestions grin


brimfull Fri 28-Aug-09 19:14:08

any other clues

sherby Fri 28-Aug-09 19:15:06

American apparel?

Banana republic?

sherby Fri 28-Aug-09 19:15:37

abercrombie and fitch ?

saltyseadog Fri 28-Aug-09 19:15:43

Banana Republic
J Crew
ermmm....needs some more clues

sherby Fri 28-Aug-09 19:16:17

ralph lauren?

tommy hilfiger?

brimfull Fri 28-Aug-09 19:16:34

Lands End wink

sherby Fri 28-Aug-09 19:17:13


MaggieLeo Fri 28-Aug-09 19:17:51


Lands end?! lol at the idea of anybody needing to lose weight to get into their stuff.

cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 19:17:52

Blimey, thanks for the guesses. Mmmm, it has had famous women model for it - possibly does lovely underwear too.

It's been years since I had anything from them - probably out of fashion now blush LOL

MaggieLeo Fri 28-Aug-09 19:18:21

cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 19:28:06

I think also did catwalk show with all models in undies and angel wings - or I'm just having some very strange regression thing happening during the process to try and remember.

GeneHunt Fri 28-Aug-09 19:36:18

Victoria's Secret?


bishboschone Fri 28-Aug-09 19:41:47

clavin klein

bishboschone Fri 28-Aug-09 19:42:07


Errrnonymous Fri 28-Aug-09 19:43:32


MaggieLeo Fri 28-Aug-09 19:45:32

Was this catalogue delivered to you in the UK???

[hmmm thining cap falls off]

cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 19:47:28

Yes yes yes!!! GeneHunt!! Victoria's secret, that's it. You got it grin Thank you so much!

And many thanks to everyone who gave it a shot.

cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 19:48:32

Is it awful that I love their clothes?

sherby Fri 28-Aug-09 20:02:46

is it awful that I had no idea victorias secret did clothes

I thougth they were just underwear

MaggieLeo Fri 28-Aug-09 21:19:45

website link? I thought they just did slightly slutty underwear.

cakemix Fri 28-Aug-09 21:22:38

Link above MaggieLeo - in GeneHunt's post. So much more than underwear. I think they're a bit Nexty/Jane Normany.

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