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Can anyone help me find a red dress please?

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Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:24:47

Want to wear these shoes to a wedding but it needs to be ditzy enough to wear tights like the photo.

size 14/16, needs to be bra-wearable, no strapless

FlightHattendant Fri 28-Aug-09 18:31:15

Couple here

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:33:44

cheers, not looking for a maxidress and the other and quite right red!

thankyou thouh!

ilove Fri 28-Aug-09 18:35:17

This one is lovely, tried it on last week then ordered it in the sale on Monday ywords=&mnSBrand=core&numItemsFound=1&pos=emsrch_lhn_Red(1)

FlightHattendant Fri 28-Aug-09 18:36:15

Oh, sorry it was the coral one I thought looked Ok but that's not really red!!

I actually saw a red velvet thing in Kew today but couldn't find it online...

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:38:12

i was just looking at that ilove grin its lovely, but for the slimmer lady I think, I cant pull off high necklines

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:38:17

How about this?

MrsBadger Fri 28-Aug-09 18:41:38


bit more demure

may not be flattering to upper arms

more coming

MrsBadger Fri 28-Aug-09 18:44:57

too shiny fo rme

need spanx if you have a tum

this is lovely

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:45:37

you think I could war a low cut top with this?

or a cardi (it will be october) to not show my back?

ilove Fri 28-Aug-09 18:47:12

I have HUGE (JJ) boobs and am an hourglass fitted really well.

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:47:13

I like this]] and it really goes with the shoes

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:48:37

lovely mrs badger

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:48:59

Sorry here
I wouldn't wear a cardi over your previous one

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-Aug-09 18:49:35

oh that is gorgeous shock

wayyyy too much money tho

MrsBadger Fri 28-Aug-09 18:50:05

no no no do not get the backless one

RedBlueRed Fri 28-Aug-09 18:50:14

this sort of thing?

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:50:22

Okay last try then I am off grin

MrsBadger Fri 28-Aug-09 18:51:17

the oasis one with the black belt?

I know - I want it too but a) have no event to wear it to b) have no cash and c) am pg...

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:51:45

What's your budget Disenchanted?

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:57:16

Too tarty?

mrsruffallo Fri 28-Aug-09 18:58:14

How about this?

RedBlueRed Fri 28-Aug-09 18:58:29

or this?

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