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Beauty: Flaky skin on face after showering

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nannynick Thu 27-Aug-09 20:12:48

Don't know if anyone can be of a help or not but thought I'd give it a try.

The skin on my face - cheeks especially, starts to flake about 5 minutes after getting out of the shower. Why? I suspect it is due to an imbalance of water levels in the skin... is that right? Is putting on moisturiser the solution or is there something different I should be doing?

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 27-Aug-09 20:16:04

nick what do you use to clean your face with, mate?

(hope nick doesn't say soap)

nannynick Thu 27-Aug-09 20:28:20

I get the thing happening regardless of what I use:
Face Wash (says on it: sensitive skin, soap free) - usually use this, or just use warm water.
Face Scrub (say on it: sensitive skin, soap free, jojoba micro particles) - use this 2 times a week.

RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 20:29:26

Try a richer moisturiser. Also, as boysarelikedogs say, depends what you're washing your face with. Please don't say soap or shower gel!
Try a really gentle creamy cleanser (and just wipe it off with cotton wool, a flannel or muslin cloth) or look up the oil cleansing method threads on here.
If none of that works, might be worth checking with GP that it's not psoriasis or dermatitis or something.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 27-Aug-09 20:30:30

good, good

you must moisturise <wags finger>

The boots no 7 range for chaps is v good

RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 20:31:45

ah, cross posted. I reckon ditch the face wash and ditch the scrub. Just use creamy cleanser or oil and cloth/flannel for a few weeks followed by rich moisturiser or face oil (Dr Hauschka rose cream is great but ££. Try health food shop for cheaper alternatives like just a plain bottle of jojoba oil or something). See how you get on. Sounds like it could just be a case of too many harsh detergents for your sensitive skin.

nannynick Thu 27-Aug-09 20:54:34

creamy cleanser - can you suggest a specific product, available from Boots (as I have no idea how to tell one cleanser apart from another)?
Will see if I can hunt out some Jojoba oil - would you use that in place of the cleanser, or is it in place of the moisturiser?
Thanks for your help ladies smile

branhasnocommentfortheDM Thu 27-Aug-09 21:04:09

This has worked wonders on my dry, sore, flaky skin. I rave about it to everyone I know.

I use a hot cloth method with it. Rub on the cleanser, leave for about 5 mins. Soak a face cloth in hot water, apply the cloth to face (like an old-fashioned barber) so it steams it a bit. Gently rub off cleanser. Rinse cloth in hot water and wipe away any remaining cleanser. Rinse cloth and soak in cold water, wipe over face to close pores. I don't usually need a moisturiser unless the weather is extreme, then I sometimes use a tiny amount of Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter.

RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 21:11:17

OK Boots do a Sanctuary cleanser (which I think comes with muslin cloths to wipe it off). Think it costs just under tenner. Or I've got their own brand one in their old fashioned range (all vintage packaging but reasonable price). It's in a glass bottle (inside a pretty box). Think it's about £5. If you've got a big Boots and you've got the cash, Clarins do a nice creamy cleanser for dry/sensitive skin. Oh, and some Boots do the Avene range which is for sensitve skin and does a creamy cleanser.
It can be hard to tell from the packaging whether it's a creamy one or a face wash. Creamy ones tend to just say "cleanser" or "cleansing lotion/cream" whereas washes tend to say "cleansing wash" or something.
You could use oil to cleanse and/or moisturise. I meant to moisturise though.
There's loads on mumsnet about oil cleansing method. The basic idea is that oil has cleansing properties and is better for your skin than harsh chemicals/detergents. Find an oil you like (almond oil or olive oil would be a good start or look at MN thread for details of other oils and combinations (but don't get too worried about the exact quantities - I don't think it really matters). Massage a bit into your face. Then remove it with a hot flannel/muslin cloth. Does much the same trick as really posh cleansers like Eve Lom.
I just suggested the jojoba oil as it sounds like your skin's sensitive and has been a bit stripped of all its oils from face washes/scrubs. I think using oil on your face can be more effective than moisturiser. You can get posher ones than jojoba oil too. Neals Yard to nice ones. I think Body Shop might do some too.
Good luck

RamblingRosa Thu 27-Aug-09 21:12:34

That looks lovely Bran. Might get some myself.

bran Fri 28-Aug-09 20:51:34

It is great stuff RR. smile I also completely love their shea mandarin body butter and the liquid black soap. I didn't get on with their moisturisers though, I tried the rose one and it brought back the flakiness. I definitely seem to do better without any regular moisturiser, I do use a lovely sun-block though which probably has some of the protective properties that I would otherwise get from a moisturiser.

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