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I need to see lots of long hairstyles...

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as I am vaguely considering venturing into a hairdresser's again, as soon as I work up the nerve, and I want to go in armed with photos and knowing EXACTLY what I want.

I have long hair (mid back/shoulder-blade length), straight when I blow-dry it (most of the time), wavy when I don't. I am growing out a fringe (after my hideous short-fringe disaster) and I have a shoulder-length layer bit on either side of my face. The rest just hangs there and doesn't look all that great, tbh.

I usually cut my own hair, which has been fine when it's been shorter, but I just feel it needs a good tidy up and more of a style and I don't know how to do that myself. I'm not really sure what I'm after either. I don't want to lose much length, I still want to be able to wear it up too.

Does anyone know of any websites with pictures of lots of long hair cuts/styles? I need front and back views, ideally.

I'd put a photo up of what it looks like now, but I'm too blush.

Oh, and it's dark red.


Hopeful BUMP

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