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Going to change my lady garden-god I hate that phrase-what shall I do to it?

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thisisnotwhatifancied Thu 27-Aug-09 19:14:18

My pubic hair is au natural. I fancy some sort of groom to it but I dont know what. I'm on a general body overhaul thing. I dont think I want it bare! But I just cant think what to do. Shave? Trim? Veet? Wax? What?????

PitysSake Thu 27-Aug-09 19:14:45

wax id say

PitysSake Thu 27-Aug-09 19:15:14

i had mine done recently didnt seem to last long, if oyu had a brazilian presume youd be there every week

traceybath Thu 27-Aug-09 19:19:51

wax and then exfoliate to keep smooth and prevent ingrown hair.

Does need doing regularly though.

Go for a good tidy up initially and go more bare next time.

thisisnotwhatifancied Thu 27-Aug-09 19:21:52

wax I presume you mean in a salon not my bathroom? Because I am terrified at someone seeing me down there! I had it done years ago but I've lost me nerve.

traceybath Thu 27-Aug-09 19:27:49

Definitely a salon for wax.

thisisnotwhatifancied Thu 27-Aug-09 19:32:42

feeling faint already.

They're all young without cellulite at salons though...

Hormonesnomore Thu 27-Aug-09 19:47:29

This has five length settings so you can be creative - and it's a lot less painful than waxing!

cornsillk Thu 27-Aug-09 19:50:42

Keep your knickers on then - just do the borders.

browntrout Thu 27-Aug-09 20:01:33

hormonesnomore - have you got one of those? Does it hurt? Does it work? Does it come with stencils? wink

lizandlulu Thu 27-Aug-09 20:36:17

i was in the exact same situation as you last weeksmile
i never want to put wax down there! so thats out of the question, i am just too much of a wimp, so bought a wilkinson sword razor/trimmer, and just trimmed the lot with the trimmer on the end.
looks alot neatersmile

thisisnotwhatifancied Thu 27-Aug-09 20:54:39

Also to further disfustify the matter I have a large skin tag in that region blush oh the shame

Hormonesnomore Thu 27-Aug-09 22:20:12

browntrout - I havethis one. Doesn't hurt at all & is very quick for all-over use, you can get a really close cut (almost shave) with it.

Mine didn't come with stencils but I know some other kinds do.

Hormonesnomore Thu 27-Aug-09 22:23:17

Ah, here you go - this comes with stencils grin

rimmer08 Fri 28-Aug-09 12:29:07

i have a brazillian done once a month

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