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Help me find some brown boots!

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tinierclanger Thu 27-Aug-09 13:02:14

I had some perfect boots which I got off eBay, vintage 70s I think. But they have really breathed their last. I can't find anything quite right to replace them.

They need to be
knee length
darkish brown
a low, chunky heel - NOT wedge
not flappy round the legs

Nothing I have looked at looks quite right. And a lot of shops don't even seem to have many boots in yet, which seems weird considering the weather and the fact it's nearly September...

PitysSake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:03:20

next have some
called butt boots or similar

tinierclanger Thu 27-Aug-09 13:10:43

Ok, they look good but the heel is too high. Needs to be around 1 inch.

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:18:35


EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:19:39

be warned the camper website is a wank fest

noddyholder Thu 27-Aug-09 13:23:26 8&n=210708031&mnSBrand=core I like these but appreciate Marks is not everyones cup of tea!

PitysSake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:24:12

ooh yes i want some like that too

tinierclanger Thu 27-Aug-09 13:25:55

The Campers are not quite right - but the M&S ones actually look pretty much spot on! Thank you!

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:27:22

the m&s ones are 'footgloves' by stealth

noddyholder Thu 27-Aug-09 13:28:19

Go and look at them they are v nice actually

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 27-Aug-09 13:29:46

yes but the footglove stigma is there

noddyholder Thu 27-Aug-09 13:31:50

Only if you aren't old enough to admit that style and comfort is the way to go!

tinierclanger Thu 27-Aug-09 13:33:35

It's ok, I have no shame any more. I can face the footglove.

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