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I saw these coats, what do you think?

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brokenspacebar Thu 27-Aug-09 10:49:38

fever coats, 65% wool.

They are colourful (I tend to wear black coats), but I wonder if the button detail would be wrong with my norks (32F) and shortness...?

They do seem to be a bargain?

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 10:58:58

Look nice, although I do remember reading somewhere that if you are small and curvy then double breasted jackets/coats should be avoided.

If you are really keen could be worth ordering and then returning?

tulpe Thu 27-Aug-09 11:00:42

Colour wonderful (I have a deep magenta coat in a similar cut that I bought 2 years ago and feel fab whenever I wear it......which is at least 4 times a week in the winter ).

Shape good for big norks - embracing rather than giving you massive mono-boob from collarbone to waist (which higher-collared coats will do).

How short is short?

brokenspacebar Thu 27-Aug-09 11:03:57

I am 5 ft in socks, have fly wedges though, give me a whole extra 3 inches lol. I am size 10/12.

I love the red, but I like them all.

It would be nice to bring some colour to a wintery day.

PuppyMonkey Thu 27-Aug-09 11:05:17

Ooh,. I do like the green one.

themoon66 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:08:33

Never heard of fever before, but those coats are lovely. Especially green.

brokenspacebar Thu 27-Aug-09 11:15:43

I have seen Fever clothes about, but never tried them on, I wonder what the sizing is like.

If I buy one, which one..? I will have three winter coats at this rate,(seems very decadent but £178 total cost) , one is more Autumn/spring, the other I haven't bought yet, is for warmth/bitterly cold days waiting in the playground for dd to come out 30 mins after ds finishes school, brrrr.

themoon66 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:23:02

I wonder what their sizings are like... has anyone tried them on? The Newark store is not too far from me - I might go have a look tomorrow smile

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 11:26:46


themoon - I'm quite near Newark too - it's where I do most of my shopping. I love the restaurant near the castle - Cafe Bleu.

BunnyLebowski Thu 27-Aug-09 11:32:56

Those coats are lovely but imo not at all suitable for us shortarses. They would look gorgeous on someone taller and with not too mahoosive boobs.

After years of buying winter coats and never really liking them I realised that the ones I was buying were too long/too double breasted/too boxy for my 5'4 size 12/14 self.

I'm now in the process of breaking the cycle and finding one for this year that fits me better and looks better!

themoon66 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:33:24

notyummy... could you be a love and just pop round to:

No Angel
United Kingdom

Try something on, and report back with sizings??


themoon66 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:35:14

yummy... yes, Cafe Bleu is lovely, but my DH reckons it's over-priced and poncy, so I have to sneak in when I'm with my posh friend.

<<hi-jack over>>

notyummy Thu 27-Aug-09 11:49:26

Unfortunately I am stuck at home with a strep throat so commenting on other peoples shopping is about all I can do! grin

FlightHattendant Thu 27-Aug-09 12:01:03

I've got one of their coats from last year. I'm not sure what size it is, hang on...its a 12. I'm a 10 in normal clothes but do go a size over in coats so as to be able to wear something under them. Fits prefectly.

However it is an odd design so am probably going to ebay it...suited to special occasions really.

The fabric is very very soft. The lining is nicely done too. But it's not 'me'.

FlightHattendant Thu 27-Aug-09 12:02:05

Btw not too hot on that corsage, can you take it off d'you think?

themoon66 Thu 27-Aug-09 12:03:25

How tall are you flighty?

Some of the dresses are gorgeous, but I fear I may expose my croissant knees due to being 5ft 8in.

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Aug-09 12:08:32

Love the coat, but hate the corsage!

I used to have a red coat and it always made me feel fab amongst a sea of black on the train to Leeds every morning. There is a scene in Legally Blonde 2, where Reese Witherspoon is walking up Capital Hill in a pink coat, against the tide of black suits. I like to think it is allegorical (???) -you know, representative of her character fighting the establishment - but maybe the director just thought it was a good shot.

Good website. New to me. I like it.

FlightHattendant Thu 27-Aug-09 12:08:54


5'7 so you should be Ok. Mind you have not tried any dresses. I got the coat from Oliver Bonas.

mosschops30 Thu 27-Aug-09 12:11:16

Do you not think youd look slightly like Mary Poppins in a coat like that??

soopermum1 Thu 27-Aug-09 17:40:29

aaaaaaaargh i hate you. yet another website for me to drool over, I love the coats and just about all the other clothes on the website

brimfull Thu 27-Aug-09 17:47:21

lol at mary poppins

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