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anyone about that could give me some ideas for a playhouse interior?

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CarrieDababi Wed 26-Aug-09 19:33:36

my dd has this playhouse, here

and it's totally bare

was thinking of putting up some curtains etc, but i'm useless with colours etc.

would quite like to do it a bit twee as our house is quite modern and dull, so it would be nice to have a different feel.

what do you think to this fabric?

hblue here

or do you have any other ideas? i did think of gingham but wondered if it was a bit school uniformish?

they do this fabric with a light blue background too, what do you think?

i have just made up today a childs table and chairs from ikea which is small and wooden but i've no idea what colour etc to paint it.

so if anyone has any ideas how i could make it really nice for my dd, i would love to hear it as i'm so useless at this kinda stuff thats why my house is so boring!

KristinaM Wed 26-Aug-09 20:15:07

i think you should paint the exterior, kids hate " brown"

what about blue or green with the trim in white?

lots of pics here

spicemonster Wed 26-Aug-09 20:18:50

I'd go for a duck egg blue outside with white trim. Once you've painted it, go to John Lewis and get an offcut to make curtains with - you're bound to find something suitable that matches the outside colour.

You could then mix a bit of the blue from the outside with the white to paint the inside

DamonBradleylovesPippi Wed 26-Aug-09 20:19:33

Def paint the exterior. we did ours in two colours and let the children paint their names and draw things on. Have also put curtains inside and things from charity shop that they chose: rug, chairs, tea set etc.

upamountain Wed 26-Aug-09 20:26:03

We used IKEA to decorate dd's playhouse.

Dd has a wooden cooker similar to their toy duktig one with the duktig crochery (she loves their mini glasses) and cookware which looks much better than plastic.She has a wooden brush and mop and bucket from ikea which they don't seem to do any more.

The outside is painted blue with cream and we painted her table and chairs inside the same also.We put up some light shelves inside from small bits of wood we had for storing pencils etc and another for the tea cups with a pretty blue vase with some plastic(nice ones from John Lewis!) flowers,shells in glasses and a small picture frame.

There are a couple of largish blue framed pictures hung on the inside(which we painted cream to lighten it up).The aim was for it to look sort of scandinavian in view of the ease of buying from ikea.

I also put one of the £6 thin ikea rugs on the floor which makes it cosy but is easy just to sling in the washing machine as it washes well at 60C.

I do think it helps to paint then put up pictures and rugs down as it is this that achieves the cosy mini house.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Wed 26-Aug-09 20:31:23

Ours is a (now faded) soft green, have seen very similar by Dulux called Cotswold green.
Pale pink inside, with pale blue gingham curtains (off-cut from discount fabric shop).
Don't worry too much about co-ordination - if the colours are soft and similar strengths whatever you choose will be fine. I'd choose the fabric first and work from there.

CarrieDababi Wed 26-Aug-09 21:40:33

oh thanks for the replies, didn't think i'd get any.

i would love to paint it sage and white but dh said no way.

good idea about starting out from the fabric and working from there, i will do that, just need to pick a fabric then
thats going to be the trickiest thing for me i think
if any one has any ideas on fabrics plese let me know, what did you think to the strawberry one i linked?

i will look up those ikea bits now, only just finished my chores for the day

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Wed 26-Aug-09 22:38:35

The pink fabric's lovely but I notice it's a small piece. Obviously you'll need to measure up and name sure you can buy enough to make curtains.
The blue link didn't work.
Btw, I'm currently a bit obsessed with pom pom trims - even if you wouldn't dream of it for your house this is a great opportunity to indulge your twee side!

CarrieDababi Wed 26-Aug-09 22:52:41

oh what are pom pom trims!these?


i like hearts, polka dots, floral and strawberries oh and gingham

CarrieDababi Wed 26-Aug-09 22:57:42

thanks for the duktig reccomendation, i love the kitchen and it looks like it has good storage too

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Thu 27-Aug-09 07:51:48

Yes they are pom pom trims (also called bobble trims) but they kook tiny.

Fabric shops usually sell them, or if you look here and search 'bobble trim' you'll find lots.

You can send them a sample of fabric and they'll match it for you.

The blue is also lovely btw.

blametheparents Thu 27-Aug-09 08:13:06

this is lovely fabric, and looks better in real life than on the website. It is brighter in real life.

CarrieDababi Thu 27-Aug-09 08:25:46


yes i do like the pom pom trims, i quite like the jeweled trims to and i love ribbons

thanks very much for the fabric link yes that is the sort of thing i like.
but i still think i prefer either strawberry or gingham, but perhaps i could somehow use a mix of both

thanks alot your helping me get some kind of order going on in my

CarrieDababi Thu 27-Aug-09 08:27:25

quite like these too

CarrieDababi Thu 27-Aug-09 15:59:53

thanks so much for the help, been thinking about it today.

and i'm going for the strawberry fabric.
in pink.

so now i can work out from there.

so the colours of the fabric are pink red green and white.
i think i will paint the table and chairs these colours,although what bit what colour i don't know
this is the table and chairs
like these but plain so i can decorate and paint myself, oh dear!

i have no idea how to make the curtains, was thinking of stiching or wonderwebbing a hem thing to put a net wire through what do you think?

spicemonster Thu 27-Aug-09 18:02:20

Why don't you cut some shapes out of potatoes like stars and things and then your DD can decorate the table and chairs?

Yes for curtains - either wonderweb or sew a channel at the top of the fabric and put a net wire through is the easiest way.

CarrieDababi Thu 27-Aug-09 18:59:54

thankyou spicemonstersmile

well dd is only 2 blush

although she could do some paintings for the walls

but when she's older she will probably wnat to revaamp it all, and she will be allowed to do it as she likes.

CarrieDababi Sat 29-Aug-09 16:02:46

thanks to the advice i'm going to try and paint the table and chairs red with a pink seat and top.

going to measure the windows for the fabric now too.

thanks for your help

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