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Emerging from the pushchair years - how do I carry stuff?

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alarkaspree Wed 26-Aug-09 17:43:47

Ds is 3 and no longer needs a pushchair really. But I am struggling with all the stuff I have to carry when we go out, without a pushchair to put it on.

I have weak shoulders so if I carry a lot in a shoulder bag it really hurts. And the bag tends to slide down my arm if I hold the dc's hands or help them with their scooters across the road.

A nice cross-body bag might work but I need one that can hold a picnic lunch, swimming stuff and a towel and a couple of water bottles, and those I see don't seem big enough. Or is there such a thing as a stylish rucksack?

Would be vv grateful for any ideas, thank you.

nellie12 Wed 26-Aug-09 17:49:12

another baby and a nice big shopping basket on the pram grin

ThingOne Wed 26-Aug-09 17:55:03

Granny trolley? You can get some funky-ish cheap ones from ikea.

I have had a lot of health problems and I have used one a lot over the past two years.

edinburger Wed 26-Aug-09 18:11:29

MY DS is four and still use buggy a lot blush I struggle on the days we don;t use it as I end up carrying him, scooter and the three bags of stuff we need on the average day.....

I am definitely going to get a granny trolley. and i don;t care that I am 35.

I need to shop around to see what is available but will need to take a lot of weight as our weekly shop weighs a ton (is amazing that hte buggy hasn;t get collapsed wiht a four year old and £50 of shopping on it!)

I wouldn;t recommened a cross body bag as find that distributes weight badly and gives you a sore shoulder after a while. I have one and can't put too much in it! Unless you find a really well padded one?

How about getting your DC to carry their own wee bag? DS won;t go for that at all but I see lots of children his age happily carrying wee backpacks.

littleboyblue Wed 26-Aug-09 18:13:23

When we're not using pushchair anyore (ds2 is only 6 months so a while yet) I'll get a granny trolley. I' 27 now, so might be 30 when we stop using it.
Who cares what you look like as long as you can get the shopping home, hey? grin

soopermum1 Wed 26-Aug-09 19:01:08

I got a rather funky granny trolley when DS got too old for the pushachair. Loved it, until the wheel broke. Looking for another

millenniumfalcon Wed 26-Aug-09 20:00:18

i think these could take most of that stuff at a pinch, mebbe get some microfibre sports towels if you do a lot of swimming. not exactly high fashion, but you do get a choice of colours.

alarkaspree Wed 26-Aug-09 20:01:33

Ooh, granny trolley. Not sure how I feel about that idea. I would happily take one to the supermarket but I'm not sure about the playground. Maybe I will get a cheap one and see how I find it. (Can't see any on the ikea website though)

Thanks for all the ideas.

ThingOne Wed 26-Aug-09 20:09:05

They are in the ikea family section in the shop. They had some new colours in the other day. c£12 if you have a family card, £2ish more if you don't.

Expensive ones made by rolser. If you google you'll find some interesting ones but not sure worth money.

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