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weekend break in london need capsule wardrobe.

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StillNorks Wed 26-Aug-09 09:26:57

I don't have money to buy anything new. I am going to london for 2 nights alone, a day in the spa so only need swimsuit and flipflops for that.
What else should I take? - want to take minimal stuff as on last day will have stuff with me after checkout from hotel and have to cart it around.
Planning on going out for dinner one night.

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 09:44:34

All hitches on where you are going for dinner. Is it posh or smart casual dress code? If smart casual type restaurant, I would plan on taking the following:

Dark jeans
Top for dinner
Couple of vest tops for day to go under:-
Light cardi
Sandals that can be worn with dress or jeans.

If posh restaurant, you could throw in a dress or skirt to go with top for dinner. All of this will get into an overnight bag or wheely thing.

I find that my toiletries take up most of the room so would stick to bare essentials.

Are you going to the Sanctuary per chance? Great memories of that place for me, I found out I was pregnant the week I went smile

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 09:48:56

meant to say that you will be wearing most of your luggage at any one time so the rest would probably go in a large handbag or overnight bag rather than those wheely cases.

wishingchair Wed 26-Aug-09 09:51:06

Harry ... I conceived DD2 immediately after a day at the Sanctuary

ChildOfThe70s Wed 26-Aug-09 09:52:58

Agree with HarryB - something you can wear by day but Posh-up if you need to. Living in central London myself, I would just like to add that the shops and tubes are always BOILING Hot, whereas I often find that restaurants are over-air conditioned and therefore freezing! Personally I can cope with the cold better than the hot so tend to do without coat and cardie but take a brolly in case it rains!

StillNorks Wed 26-Aug-09 09:54:03

I am going to the sanctuary but have no plans for another child - especially as I am not in a relationship.
I would like to go somewhere nice for dinner, so will chuck in a dress, in case.
Good idea about the large handbag thanks.
Am getting all excited now grin

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 09:56:42

Have a great time StillNorks!!

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 09:59:59

Wishingchair, it's magic. We'd been TTC for almost 2 years and was at the stage of facing facts that we should go see a doctor. I remember all day being dead paranoid that I would get my period whilst wearing a white towelling robe. Low and behold, I was preggers. grin

purplepeony Wed 26-Aug-09 10:09:07

everyone is terribly casual in London (I am there weekly as live near) so if you dress up too much you will stick out like a sore thumb as "up from the country and in town for a day".

Are you planning on being alone all weekend and eating alone too?

Unless you are going to a dress code place, and even the Ritz allows jeans! ( but not trainers) you should just dress as you would anywhere else. Dark jeans and a pretty cardi get you anywhere, or a casual dress with cropped cardi over?

just be aware that central London is often warmer than anywhere else and you might not need a coat- just cardi and umbrella.

StillNorks Wed 26-Aug-09 10:16:40

Yes I am planning on being and eating alone all weekend

Still looking at places to eat, I want a proper restaurant though, not a touristy chuck it down them as quick as you can place.

List so far
dark skinny jeans
2x vest tops or similar
pretty top for evening

May pop in a dress as well

Will be wearing jeans, top and cardy and sandals, so the rest should all fit in a largish handbag

Have I forgotten anything?

tattycoram Wed 26-Aug-09 10:19:41

Sounds fantastic - both the list and the break. Lucky you.

wishingchair Wed 26-Aug-09 10:43:27

Am very envious - would love a weekend on my own!

Harry - I think it really is magic! We had a late m/c after DD1 and then had been TTC with no success. Had a lovely chilled out day with a good friend at the Sanctuary, floated out of the place, wandered through Covent Garden across Waterloo Bridge where there was a tremendous sunset and smiled my way back home and ding dong a baby was made grin

StillNorks Wed 26-Aug-09 10:47:27

so glad the Sanctuary worked for you guys smile maybe we should suggest it as an option on ttc wink

I am so glad it will not have that effect on me- I love my Dc but I have gone past the broody phase and as I am single now not even possible grin

purplepeony Wed 26-Aug-09 11:26:27

I'd suggest The Wolseley in Piccadilly. smart-casual.

Depends what you want- Saturday night is going to be couples everywhere, so depends if you feel self-conscious about eating on your own,...personally, I'd hate it and would never eat in a restaurant alone, except something like the Brasserie or Bistro in John Lewis!

Which part of London do you want to eat in- near Covent Garden, or anywhere? where's your hotel?

Bleh Wed 26-Aug-09 11:34:53

I would add a scarf as well, so you can do the layering up thing, and then stripping off as soon as you step on the Tube.

A good place to eat (though you have to get there early as you can't book) is Barrafina in Soho. It's an AMAZING tapas restaurant (but based around a bar). Food is lovely, staff are lovely, friendly and chatty and one of the waiters is (IMO) incredibly fit.

Avoid anything with "Angus" or "Aberdeen" and "steak" in the title

StillNorks Wed 26-Aug-09 11:44:05

I am staying in the strand, will probably stay within staggering distance in the evening when I come out of the Sanctuary and explore on the saturday.

I am not concerned about eating alone, and love people watching, so a busy restaurant would be best grin

ChildOfThe70s Wed 26-Aug-09 13:08:05

Don't go to the Wolseley - it is overpriced, the staff are rude and the food is not great either. I have been there several times and it doesn't get any better! Try J Sheekey (in a little street just off Leicester Square), lovely food, great for (famous)people watching and the staff are sooo nice. They also have pre/post-theatre deals.

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 15:04:43

Stillnorks, if you are staying in the Strand, take a stroll through Covent Garden and on Bloomsbury way, you'll find a lovely little bistro called Savoire fayre. One of my favourite french restaurants, and really reasonablly priced.

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