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Style gurus - need your wisdom for autumn wedding outfit

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wishingchair Tue 25-Aug-09 15:43:00

Church, reception, evening so fairly traditional form. I'm about 5'6", size 12, small boobs, pear shape, obsess about hefty chunkiness of calves and ankles so tend to steer away from shorter skirts/dresses (mum says I'm irrational and they're not that bad but she would say that woudln't she). I therefore spend a lot of time in wide leg trousers. It's not so much that they are massive (althoguh they are), it's the fact they are disproportionately large compared to much slighter top half.

So what do you think? I want to look fabulous for a change!

Clure Tue 25-Aug-09 16:45:18

a friend of mine wore this to a formal christening recently and it looked stunning.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 25-Aug-09 17:03:39

It's how you feel that counts, so I would play down your legs and ankles unless you can learn to love them.

As it's autumn, how about wearing a shorter length outfit with boots? They disguise a multitude of sins and look great on most people. I love this dress so much and it would look fabulous with brown suede knee-length boots:

LK Bennet Tina dress

wishingchair Tue 25-Aug-09 18:32:26

Gosh both those dresses are gorgeous. The LK Bennett dress is beautiful ... would allow decent bra to give me cleavage too. Hmmmmmm ... much to think about ...

MrsBadger Tue 25-Aug-09 18:42:02

oh loverly

boots must have a slim heel though - chunky riding style not suitabel for evening do

bronze bag

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 25-Aug-09 18:51:09

If you look in the outlet bit of the LK Bennet site they have some very nice brown boots in fabric or suede which would be just the ticket as per MrsBadger.

wishingchair Tue 25-Aug-09 19:50:26

Yes thought bronze, or even burnt orange. Could compliment with same colour thing in my hair (fascinator?).

If have chunky calves though, do you think they are emphasized by slim heel and pencil skirt?

fishie Tue 25-Aug-09 20:07:42

not at all if you have dainty top half, will just look marvellously shapely.

KristinaM Tue 25-Aug-09 20:45:53

i am sorry to disagree with you mrs badger ( especially as i hear you are hormonal heavily pg) but trinny and susannah say that pear shapes must never wear pencil skirts or stilletoes

they say boots should be straight and have a 2" straight chunky heel

if i were you i would go for a floaty strappy or strapless dress and a sequinned shrug. or even a faux fur wrap, if that your thing

and push up bra and big earrings of course smile

MrsBadger Tue 25-Aug-09 21:37:20

hmm, I was lookign at wide neckline of Tina dress and thinking it would help balance hip width

and yes the boots suggested may be too stielttoey - I was thinking more 'do not wear your everyday work boots'

MrsBadger Tue 25-Aug-09 21:39:24

NB pears with skinny ribs and small boobs can look positively misshapen in strapless things (I am one and I certainly do) so tread carefully

janeite Tue 25-Aug-09 21:42:52

That LK Bennet dress is gorgeous - and would be fab with boots. Not spiky stilletto but certainly with a heel.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 25-Aug-09 23:00:10

WishingChair does not mention any arse issue, so the Tina dress should skim delightfully over her bum and resolve any 'ishoos' with her legs. The right boots can work wonders for anyone - I'd say get the Tina dress and then be willing to spend three hours getting the right pair to enhance it.

wishingchair Wed 26-Aug-09 09:14:18

Yes, not significant arse issue, just legs. Tina dress is gorgeous and very grown up womanly.

Strapless dresses are minefield for me and mini-boobs. Definitely need straps. Will go shopping and investigate.

upamountain Wed 26-Aug-09 19:48:42

After this thread I investigated the LK tina dress today and it is indeed very well cut and therefore flattering to a pear shape.I am similar to wishingchair but more 10/12 top and 14/16 bottom (usually end up in a 12 top /14 bottom) but don't have chunky calves.

I wouldn't normally buy a straight skirt because my bottom is bigger than my top but this dress ruches at all the right places disguising a tummy but emphasising the bust going in and out hourglass shape.The neckline is wide which also balances my hips.

Dh said it is 50's shapely although I'm not sure he has the right era.

Anyway I did end up buying it despite the price tag because it was very flattering to my shape and I fell in love with it.

janeite Wed 26-Aug-09 19:58:06

40s I think, rather than 50s.

janeite Wed 26-Aug-09 19:58:32

Glad you found a dress you love though - lucky you.

KristinaM Wed 26-Aug-09 20:08:19

excellent smile

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Wed 26-Aug-09 22:23:39

Glad you like it too, Upamountain. It really reminds me of the outfits Irene Dunne wore in the 1930s whilst sparring with Cary Grant! Mind you, if you go all out for the '30s look you'll be needing a muff and a bizarre hat...

I am seriously thinking of buying the dress too - it has serious va-va-voom!

upamountain Thu 27-Aug-09 00:24:58

Yes it is like out of those sort of films Florenceandthewashingmachine and I agree more 1940's Janeite.

Would definately recommend trying it on as it seems to be one of those to be worn dresses.

If wearing with boots I think you would need slim fit stiletto style to get the right look (so completely non Trinny and Susannah).

Would be interested in how anyone else would accessorise as I already have some brown slim high heel shoes but not sure how simple I should go.

I'd normally wear a brighter colour somewhere but not sure if this would spoil the outfit.

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