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Why do people who make clothes make such SILLY mistakes?

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FlightHattendant Mon 24-Aug-09 15:18:37

I just ordered quite a nice quality dress from littlewoods (using voucher ha ha) and expected it to be, well, catalogue stuff - but it turned up, was heavy jersey, very nicely finished etc.

I put it on, and stood there. It is a wrap dress, and they had even thought of sewing the flap into the side so it can't blow open. Great so far. Then I walked. Just a couple of steps. What happens?

The flap thing at the front WAFTS, well it flaps really, and inside it is WHITE which just looks so awful sad

You have a heavenly deep pinky dress with a great white flap down the front every few steps. Also the hem is kind of a big scalloped shape, goes up a bit at the front - which means, what do you get? a nice view of the white lining at the back hmm

So pissed off. Where can you get nice, wlel thought out clothes that don't have issues?

RubyBlueberry Mon 24-Aug-09 15:22:12

Can't you get some wondaweb and stick the sides down a bit?

FlightHattendant Mon 24-Aug-09 15:42:26

i could but I think it'd ruckle up - I was trying to think of a solution, it's such a shame.

The main problem is the front wrapover bit, on the skirt - below the waist it just hangs there so when you walk it moves. If I tacked it to the underneath section it'd probably look really funny sad

but thanks for the idea anyway smile

RubyBlueberry Mon 24-Aug-09 15:44:22

Argh - thats a bummer. Was going to suggest that you dye it? But that would affect the nice colour.....what about wonderwebbing material over the white?

FlightHattendant Mon 24-Aug-09 15:49:19

Hmm. That is a possibility...I hadn't thought of it!

But I think it's going to be too complicated to get it right, with my limited sewing skills, so am sending it back I think.

Thankyou x

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