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What sort of detox do you do? can anyone recommend one thats effective?c

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sparklesandwine Mon 24-Aug-09 13:56:12

I'm after a bit of a boost i guess.....
my skin is awful, in fact it feels and looks the worst it has for years!! sad

i have also put on a few pounds and want to shift them quickly as i can

Clure Mon 24-Aug-09 14:22:08

The Carol Voderman one is the most sensible imo. I've used it loosely and it's do-able

smackapacka Mon 24-Aug-09 14:23:25

The actual marketed detox diets/products have never been found to be clinically effective. They all require you to cut out alcohol, sugar, caffeine, boost water intake, fresh air and exercise. Any 'product' after this is just a placebo.

I imagine that some people will say they found so-and-so effective, but none have ever been found to actually 'detox' you/your liver etc.

smackapacka Mon 24-Aug-09 14:25:13

But as soon as you have done what she says...

"No carbohydrates, dairy products, meat, caffeine or alcohol.... The genius of this book is that Vorderman somehow convinces you that cutting out everything you love from your diet--chocolate, coffee, cheese--is not only a good idea, but is an attainable one."

You'll feel better as you'd have to subsitute anything you put in your mouth with fresh fruit and veg.

themoon66 Mon 24-Aug-09 14:26:02

What smackapacka says is true. I find a couple of weeks of staying off alcohol, eating loads of fruit and veg and not much sugar or fatty things works. Oh.. and trying to get out in the fresh air, whatever the weather at least every other day for an hour (rain makes your skin feel lovely).

Bleh Mon 24-Aug-09 14:27:37

The most effective one I did was:
- at least two litres of water a day
- twenty different types of fruit/veg
- two tablespoons pumpkin seeds
- one small bit of protein (like chicken, an egg, fish).
Do this for three days, and then slowly re-introduce carbs, but start off with complex ones (like brown rice). You can have salads with minimal dressing.

purplepeony Mon 24-Aug-09 15:11:29

No such things as detox- your liver is very good at de-toxing anyway- just think about it- what exactly do you mean by "toxins"? Real toxins are poisons.

It's all a marketing scam.

You can clean up your diet by cutting back on refined carbs, sugars, fried foods, alcohol and caffeine and increasing water, fruit and veg and taking exercise- don't expect miracles, but fater a month you should feel and look better.

LetThemEatCake Mon 24-Aug-09 15:22:00

Carol Vorderman 28-day detox is legend. I did it over a year ago (just after Easter 2008), shifted over a stone, had amazing skin, boundless energy, slept like a baby.

Was so impressed that I've continued with it, loosely, ever since. Still no meat, no wheat - although have reintroduced fish & dairy since getting pg. Even so, my weight gain in pregnancy has been sensible (am 36 weeks and weigh 12 stone 3, up from 10 stone 3) and I haven't had any cravings for crap food

As soon as this baby is out and 6 weeks old, I am doing it properly again - and I actually can't wait!

sparklesandwine Mon 24-Aug-09 15:51:07

i did try the carol vorderman one a few years ago but i was soooo moody on it that i gave up after 2 weeks blush

i also don't believe the detox's available on the market do any more than you have all suggesting here

right i shall make a list of 'no' and 'yes' type foods and stick it up in my kitchen to remind me and make sure i drink more water ..... as coffee and wine do tend to be my main drinks blush

Overmydeadbody Mon 24-Aug-09 15:56:19

The only effective Detox is the one your liver does all the time.

Everything else is just a clever marketting con.

You can mae lifestyle changes that might imprve your skin, shift some weight etc., but the only detoxing that will be done will still be by your liver.

Overmydeadbody Mon 24-Aug-09 15:57:19

lol just saw that purplepeony already said what I said.

Glad I'm not the only one.

purplepeony Mon 24-Aug-09 20:13:09

OMDB! lol!
Carol Vorderman is a very astute, and now rich, self-publicist.

She used to be a director of Mensa but got kicked off/not voted in again the Board as she was always too busy promoting her own things to attend meetings etc.

Having said that, I like her, but she is simply re-inventing the wheel with her diets etc.

Her "plan" is basic healthy eating. It's not a miracle cure-all.
Some people are intolerant to wheat (I am) and it does help you shift weight if you aren't eating cakes, bread, pizza, biscuits etc etc.

Ditto dairy if it is full fat.

Don't copy some celebs idea of what you should eat- create your own and just eat sensibly and avoid the crap.

veggiegirl Mon 24-Aug-09 21:15:28

Hiya, I was ill a few years ago and there was no medical help for me, I did the rejuvaslim detox which was awesome, I also lost a stone on it, and felt fantastic, after 3 months I redid my blood tests and the disease I had had gone.

sparklesandwater Tue 25-Aug-09 10:05:20

right i might go and dig out my vorderman book from the loft then to give me a few pointers

....i can't stop weeing now with all this water....blush......sorry if tmi....

veggiegirl Tue 25-Aug-09 15:03:30

also, my ill health was actually liver helping it out with clearing out your system and doing all the above just gives it a helping boost..and yes, that's what the liver does when it's totally healthy

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