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what face mask would you recommentd? one that DOES actually clear your pores and rid blackheads?

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juicychops Mon 24-Aug-09 10:48:23

as i need one desperately and want to find a good one but not too expensive

someone has recommended the Botanics clay mask from Boots

any others?

MrsEricBanaMT Mon 24-Aug-09 10:51:43

None of them really work. The best tip I could give it try oil cleansing or if you cant be arsed to mix your own get some Ultrabland from Lush, which is really cheap. Warm skin first, massage in and then wipe off with a warm muslin cloth followed by a cold rinse. This is the only real way to get rid of/improve the look of blocked pores

MrsEricBanaMT Mon 24-Aug-09 10:52:38

concentrate on massaging where most blocked pores are too. Cold rinse at the end is a must to close the pores.

juicychops Mon 24-Aug-09 10:54:38

Is it oily? i have very oily t zone particularly my nose which is where i have most blackheads. would this be suitable? im going bluewater tonight so will pop into Lush and have a look

MrsEricBanaMT Mon 24-Aug-09 10:57:38

It is oily but is natural oils so does not leave a residue. Really, I have the same problem as you and finally I discovered the secret.

Get a muslin cloth to take it off though and make sure you get it all off before cold rinse. You will be amazed. There is no oily residue.

MrsBadger Mon 24-Aug-09 11:01:19

none of them

the best thing (though gross) is to have a steamy bath/shower to open up your pores, cut your nails, wash your hands really well and do them by hand

then cold rinse afterwards followed by any old clay mask (the cheap ones are as good) to help the pores close.

agree instituting a better cleansing routine will help - use any creamy cleanser and (vitally) a muslin. The regualr gentle exfoliation is better than doing somethign harsh once a week.
I like Liz Earle or the Tesco organic one, but if your skin is really rank and teenagery the specialist ranges (Johnsons Clean & Clear etc) again with muslin are a good idea.

juicychops Mon 24-Aug-09 11:10:18

i use a cleanser/toner combined and it has been the first thing i have found that is brilliant for the rest of my skin. its just my nose that is the problem now and chin crease

what is the difference then between the cleanser/toner i use and a creamy cleanser then?

MrsBadger Mon 24-Aug-09 11:49:33

they work in opposite ways

the toner contains an astringent (usu alcohol or witch hazel or similar) that dissolves the oily plugs in the pores by sheer chemical force. This can have good short term results but eventually it can dry out your skin so your oil glands make more oil to compensate and you end up in a vicious circle. The Clinique toner for oily skin ('3' or whichever it is) is particularly bad for this.

The creamy cleansers rely on using an excess of 'good' ie plant oils to gently break down the oily stuff in the pores and carry it away (hence the importance of the muslin to work it in really well), leaving a residue of the 'good' oil to stop your skin drying out and pumping more oil out to compensate. Results aren't as immediate but last longer - it's more a maintenance regime than a quick fix for skin that's already in trouble.

cornsillk Mon 24-Aug-09 11:51:25

Not a face mask but eve lom cleanser is excellent for getting out the grime. I once had a blackhead busting facial which got rid of mine. Must book one again actually!

MrsEricBanaMT Mon 24-Aug-09 14:30:56

Ultraband is just as good as Eve Lom. I started on eve lom and changed to Ultrabland.

MrsEricBanaMT Mon 24-Aug-09 14:31:47

and Angelina Jolie uses it too

tulpe Mon 24-Aug-09 16:21:24

I use a mask by Simple. Very cheap and very effective.

sleepysox Mon 24-Aug-09 22:51:25

Body Shop do a warming clay mask which really does work. The mask heats up when water is added and opens the pores. Although, since I discovered the Oil Cleansing method on mn I haven't needed it and I used to have an oily T zone with dry everywhere else.


DomesticBlobess Tue 25-Aug-09 11:51:47

Use an oil based cleanser - this really is the best way to cleanse your skin - the results are amazing. Recommend this one

Then I use Akamuti Green Clay mask - you make it up when you need it and it does make your skin glow and feels extra clean. Fab stuff and not as messy as you'd think. here

MrsEricBanaMT Tue 25-Aug-09 12:51:18

Ohh that looks nice.

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