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GHD hair straightners - where to buy online

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MrsAlwaysRight Sun 23-Aug-09 12:51:59

My straightners have finally died and I would like to replace them with GHD straightners. Can anyone recommend a website? Thanks smile

LadyMuck Sun 23-Aug-09 12:53:39

I've found Look Fantastic to be good, but haven't price checked GHDs recently.

missmelly Sun 23-Aug-09 16:42:48

here GHD website be careful of other websites selling fakes, a few look a lot like this one



they're probably the only places I'd buy GHD's

Wafflesnaffler Sun 23-Aug-09 18:09:20

As far as I know this is these two are the cheapest places:

Here for £91.99 inc delivery


Here for £89.65 plus £2.65 delivery but better deal in my opinion as for that price you also get a choice of free heat mat, Opi nail lacquer, Paul Mitchell Seal & Shine, GHD thermal protector or GHD shining serum.

Wafflesnaffler Sun 23-Aug-09 18:14:44

Btw both of those are GHD approved retailers. If in doubt you can check any website selling GHDs for authenticity on the official GHD site Here - website checker

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 23-Aug-09 22:10:03

Many thanks for suggestions. I've ordered from Look Fantastic. Hopefully they will arrive quickly so I don't have to venture out in public too many times with my super frizzy unstraightened hair grin

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