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wardrobe/style consultant

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badkitty Sat 22-Aug-09 20:37:34

Am going back to work in October post-baby and have wardrobe crisis. Don't think much of pre-baby working wardrobe will fit, I'm a completely different shape! But to be honest it wasn't that great anyway - just lots of black trousers/skirts and boring tops. I have never had a clue really about buying stuff that suits me and now I just live in jeans and t-shirts and whenever I do try to go shopping I just drift around aimlessly and end up coming home with more jeans and t-shirts...

Its got to the point now where I am actually quite ashamed of the way I'm dressed. So I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for wardrobe consultant type people who could come and sort me out? Have read thread below re having colours done and that does sound good, but to be honest I think my fashion problems go beyond just colour...

overthemill Sat 22-Aug-09 20:48:09

what i did when i needed a new work wardrobe was book afree session with a stle advisor in a big shop (it was banana republic) but it was fab and i'd thoroughly recommend it. my sis then booked a john lewis one for a wedding outfit and she loved it too. you don't need to spend more than you want but thye give you good advice and get you out of your rut.

try it.
good luck going back post baby

tulpe Sun 23-Aug-09 02:16:07

Would definitely recommend going to see a style advisor in a store rather than an individual pseudo Trinny & Susannah type person! As overthemill says, you set the budget and actually if you really don't like anything that they pick for you then you needn't spend any money at all. Selfridges also offer this service and a friend of mine heartily recommends it.

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