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Calling all MN fashion Gurus, please come and help me with boots.

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shootfromthehip Sat 22-Aug-09 18:50:37

After a disaster with my last pair of knee-high boots (new cat peed on them, hand me my gun wink) I need to invest in a new pair.

I am pretty broke so the cheaper the better, I am an 8 but do not have 'large' calves, I would like a heel and would like them to be quite funky. So I don't want much then!

Oh and they have to be leather and not suede etc.

Any ideas you clever lot?

shootfromthehip Sat 22-Aug-09 20:17:54


twinkletoescare Sat 22-Aug-09 20:21:15

what colour??

twinkletoescare Sat 22-Aug-09 20:30:46

love them but you maybe want cheaper??

shootfromthehip Sat 22-Aug-09 21:06:44

Twinkle, sorry got chatting to DH- back to the serious business of buying boots... should have said that I'd want black boots, The ones you have found are very fabulous but a little rich for my blood iykwim.

I'm so gutted as my last pair were a 30th birthday pressie and were £160- and I can't afford anywhere near that to replace them.

Thanks for you efforts and any other ideas welcome

SilentBob Sat 22-Aug-09 23:28:40

Bronx @ Schuh, £99.99

Schuh again, also £99.99

shootfromthehip Sun 23-Aug-09 11:15:35

Thanks Silent, I love both. grin

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