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Boots No 7 Colour Miracle is the most long lasting nailpolish I have ever used.

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moondog Sat 22-Aug-09 13:47:15

Still damn near perfect on toes after a week of daily swimming and other pretty intense exercise. Great colours too.

foxinsocks Sat 22-Aug-09 13:48:29

that's impressive

most stuff I use, always comes off in the pool grrr (is a good test of long lasting nailpolish I reckon)

Wafflesnaffler Sat 22-Aug-09 21:17:53

I've just bought this, not used it yet.

Moondog, can you use ANY clear nail polish to cause the colour to change, or does it have to be a special No7 clear polish? And is the colour it changes to nice?

PitysSake Sat 22-Aug-09 21:18:44

i can make revlon last htree weeks
sand etc

its all in the top coat

ThePregnantPhantomPlopper Sat 22-Aug-09 21:28:06

My No7 (not sure which one) has lasted 4 weeks now, I've been on holiday in that time too. Am very impressed.

Is it at that stage where it needs to come off now though.

moondog Sun 23-Aug-09 06:31:35

Haven't tried that yet Waffle-just have the one colour. The polish itself is so viscous that a tiny bit goes a looooong way.

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