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Where can I get the best maternity tights from please? And do you know anything about coats?

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timmette Fri 21-Aug-09 18:18:46

I would like black ones at least 40 denier or more, but really need them to last the winter as I don't live in the UK and they are hard to get here. I am visiting grin next week so looking forward to some shopping.
Also looking for a warm maternity coat as it can get quite cold here and would like to be toasty and warm - or do you think it's a bit early?
Really appreciate any advice.

Ronaldinhio Fri 21-Aug-09 18:55:41

I wore spanx mat tights and thought they were fab

MrsBadger Fri 21-Aug-09 20:01:04

I have my eye on this coat but you migth be ok with a non-mat 'swing' type coat - Peacocks had a few, worth trying Primark etc too

timmette Sat 22-Aug-09 07:14:26

That's a good idea *Mrs Badger* - I will have a look next week.
Thanks Ronaldinhio - will have a look at spanx.

Littledawley Sat 22-Aug-09 07:18:29

Spanx were good so were Mamas & Papas although the ones I wore the most were from M&S - they often don't have them in small stores though and if you do go in, ask for them as they're not generally in hosiery!!
As MrsBadger said, a swing coat can be a good idea - I got a lovely one from Zara which accommodated my HUGE bump. It's certainly not too early - the shops are full of winter stuff - 16 weeks to Christmas and all that....

MissHairspray Sat 22-Aug-09 21:35:42

I got a purple swing coat from primark last season, cost about £20 and looked as good as anything was going to at that point. Not great if you want to wear long cardigans underneath though.
Mothercare had a good tights range in lots of colours.

AitchwonderswhoFruitCrumbleis Sat 22-Aug-09 21:36:41

not mothercare ones, at least. they're awful.

timmette Sun 23-Aug-09 10:12:07

Ok thanks for all the help. Sorry I disappeared got side tracked spring cleaning.

Clure Sun 23-Aug-09 11:15:03

I think I got mine from Mothercare or Boots

LexisMummy Thu 03-Sep-09 14:21:00

Try Yummy Mummy Maternity for a big range of maternity tights in very thick styles and more than just your boring black, with knitted cable knit maternity tights in Grey and Chocolate Brown too, more expensive, but they will last you for at least 3 months, so worth the investment if you want something to last...

Elemental Thu 03-Sep-09 14:59:36

H and M opaques are fab and cheap but often seemed to be out of stock when I was pregnant.

UndomesticatedGoddess Thu 03-Sep-09 17:40:29

Timette where in the UK will you be? I saw a beautiful maternity coat in a Nottingham shop (swells) today. It was about £80 I think.

Was v tempted- but not pregnant. . . Was getting my first hot milk nursing bragrin

I liked mothercare tights. They had lots of different colours last year.

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