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Anyone know anything about mineral make up? (Especially on dry skin?)

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UrbanElk Fri 21-Aug-09 08:56:53

Have read a little bit online about mineral make up but just wondered if anyone had any direct experience they'd like to share with me, please?

I do have pretty dry skin, am using the Liz Earle stuff as my almost daily cleansing routine which seems to suit me. Have never been able to wear foundation (makes my skin feel very itchy), but do get spots now and then, so am looking for a good concealer that won't irritate.

Other than that, am considering starting to use a little blusher as I look like death warmed up am somewhat on the pale side (although don't want to look like a doll, just something to give a little bit of colour) and I also wear mascara (whichever one is on offer at the time blush )

So I suppose I am asking, in a roundabout way, if mineral make up is any good? And if anyone can recommend a concealer, blusher and mascara please?

Jojay Fri 21-Aug-09 09:02:52

I've got a mineral powder foundation and it is quite good but it is really messy to use. Maybe it's just me but always seem to cover myself and half my bedroom in it.

crumpet Fri 21-Aug-09 09:04:31

Afraid I have no idea, but have to confess I have been put off the idea of exploring this without further investigation after some newspaper expose of the child labour used in obtaining the minerals - don't remember the details. Sorry - I really shouldn't have put a downer on a style and beauty thread! Mineral make up does seem to be v popular though...

UrbanElk Fri 21-Aug-09 09:08:30

Hmm, jojay - I am pretty clumsy anyway, sounds like a recipe for disaster with me (plus have 2 small children, so whatever I use needs to be quick and easy!)

Crumpet - oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Glad you mentioned it though. Wonder what the child labour thing is like for conventional make up? Maybe should have asked instead what the most ethical and best make up is for dry skin? Could I ask what you use instead?

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