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HELP! Size 18+ 5'5" and need a gorgeous dress. Suggest me up!

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Sheeta Thu 20-Aug-09 23:29:57

I'm pale skinned, dark curly hair, have tattoo's and a bit of an ex-goth (style and beauty people, please be nice!)

I need a dress for a wedding... in 3 weeks time/ Ordered a couple but no luck so far.

I like this dress but it's only available to size 16.

Needs to be mid-calf length to ankle length... I have horrible legs sad

yarrggh.. someone help me?!?!

Sheeta Thu 20-Aug-09 23:30:39

btw, absolute (and unrealistic) limit is £100.


kikid Thu 20-Aug-09 23:36:29

try wallis they have sales on at the mo.

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 00:01:23

Monsoon! I was size 18 last year, and I wore a beautiful silk Monsoon dress to a wedding.

Monsoon did have a sale on the other week - I wonder if it's still on?

"I'm pale skinned, dark curly hair, have tattoo's and a bit of an ex-goth" Sounds like you can get away with gorgeous colours then.

Or Debenhams have a 70% sale on.

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 00:17:51

A bit over budget, but what do you tink of this?

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 00:18:46

They have it in black too

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 00:25:50

This is gorgeous, they have it in an 18, it's only £75 ... but not really what you asked for and perhaps too evening dressy really?

stocks81979 Fri 21-Aug-09 01:19:10

See this uct&SNtk=&Np=1&SN=151+4294484651+85+4294485515&Ntt=541202087&D=541202087&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2b matchall&thisprod=523328524&N=151+4294484651+85+4294485515&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&pr oduct=523328524&pageSize=12 its in the sale ;-)

stocks81979 Fri 21-Aug-09 01:22:48

or you could look at this its only available in a 20 but in this style the fabric might be more flattering in a 20

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 01:41:27

Give us a clue! Can you show us some other styles you like?

(I like this game - can you tell grin)

lowrib Fri 21-Aug-09 01:47:55

Here are some more

Contrast Lace Dress £65.00

A-Line Taffeta Wrap Dress £48.94

Sash Detail Dress £75.00

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