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Which? survey finds cheaper creams best for wrinkles. Not that us on MN have any,

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cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 15:53:05


cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 16:03:31

Look at my thread you wrinkled old prunes.

cornsillk Thu 20-Aug-09 16:05:42

I have no wrinkles (huff)

cornsillk Thu 20-Aug-09 16:06:56

Actually that's not true.

cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 16:10:58

Me neither.

cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 16:11:27

Actuallly I lied too. Don't have many though.

missmelly Thu 20-Aug-09 16:15:31

whenever I read those links I always get distracted by the rest of their rubbish articles

cornsillk Thu 20-Aug-09 16:16:41

lol cocole. grin

tattycoram Thu 20-Aug-09 16:54:43

me too
ended up reading about Anne Robinson's daughter's pregnancy hmm

cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 18:09:41

<sigh> There are always threads about what is the best creams, so me, out of the goodness of my heart, post the best and cheapest. And it gets thrown back in my face.


Did you see Frances Cobain shock I remember her as a baby!

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