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Capsule wardrobe help needed for 5 nights away

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SandyChick Wed 19-Aug-09 22:09:11

Hello, Im going to Dubai for 5 nights next month. As its going to be really hot so i just want to be comfy but look nice at the same time. I always take way too many clothes and never wear them.

Im desperate for some new clothes as i dont have much that fits at the moment but cant afford to buy too much.

I have plenty of basic vets, a pair of next white and a pair of black linen pants and thats about it. I have a few lighweight cardigans and shrugs too.

I need some comfy but dressy-ish evening stuff. Im 5ft 2 and size 12 on top 14 on bottom. Please help. Any website/shop suggections are welcome. Thanks

aarghhelp Thu 20-Aug-09 03:38:18

I just got this albeit in the green/purple colourway, husband very appreciative of effect, and the cut seems quite generous (I usually think shift dresses won't suit me). This would tempt me if I wanted another evening option.

aarghhelp Thu 20-Aug-09 03:48:08

Oh and these look like a useful, late summer glamour-adding aide.

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