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Can anyone recommend a good deodorant?

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penona Wed 19-Aug-09 21:56:57

I would like it to
- work
- dry quickly
- not leave white marks all over black tops

I am not especially sweaty or smelly, but always really disappointed with every deodorant I try. Just finished a can of Dove No White Marks spray which was quite good, but still left white marks.

Did use a crystal thing years ago, but it didn't seem to stop the smell in the height if summer!

branhasnocommentfortheDM Wed 19-Aug-09 22:00:48

Do you want just deodorant or anti-perspirant? I find Mitchum unperfumed roll-on works well. I get a rash from most anti-perspirants so it took me a while to find a good one after my usual one stopped being made which means I've tried loads of different ones. I currently don't have any white marks on my clothes.

Wolfcub Wed 19-Aug-09 22:07:11

the sanex no white marks one (pink lid) is fairly good

penona Wed 19-Aug-09 22:31:04

Thanks. Am not sure if I want an anti-perspirant too? Will try those and see.

TeamEdward Wed 19-Aug-09 22:37:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BobtheWoodmouse Wed 19-Aug-09 23:27:23

Mitchum unperfumed link

lilacclaire Thu 20-Aug-09 00:04:12

I use driclor, it stops my underarms sweating altogether and just use a nice bodyspray. I only go through 1 or 2 a year.

OrangeFish Thu 20-Aug-09 00:06:36

I can't recommend anything, I have been smuggling a brand from the US in the 10 years I have been living here blush

missmelly Thu 20-Aug-09 08:47:05

I've given up on all deodorants now, I can sweat through Mitchum no problem. I also use Driclor to stop sweating alltogether, although Im not convinced it's that good for you

PleaseDeleteMeLetmeGo Thu 20-Aug-09 08:48:38

Me too missmelly. Grim.

i use sure cystal stick one, is great, i used to sweat loads blush

triffictits Thu 20-Aug-09 10:28:37

I use Mitchum too and its quite good. It does leave white marks though.

I have tried driclor to stop sweating but it stung like mad when i put it on and I had to wash it off. Anyone else had this with Driclot?

PleaseDeleteMeLetmeGo Thu 20-Aug-09 11:31:11

Yes. I put up with it when I'm desperate.

There's another one calle Triple Dry which you use in the same way and doesn't sting but for me doesn't work either.

cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 11:37:41

The new Dove stick is excellent.

beldaran Thu 20-Aug-09 11:54:05

I had Driclor but found the same, i had quite a bad reaction to it so i changed to Perspirex which you can buy off the shelf in tesco/asda. I think it is in a different base to Driclor and i have found that it doesnt sting at all(only stings if i havent dried properly), i can even put it on quite soon after shaving underarms.
I know someone people have mentioned that it might not be good for you, but when you sweat so much that you are changing your top 3 times a day you'll do anything,(Yes i have been diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis).

missmelly Thu 20-Aug-09 11:57:03

yes Driclor stings with me, I find it quite itchy actually. But I'm willing to put up with it as you dont need to use it that often, and as beldaran said, it's better than sweating through your tops all the time.
I have in the past stuck tissues under my armpits to absorb some of the wet! who needs that..

beldaran Thu 20-Aug-09 12:27:04

Well the only other options available were Botox or Surgery to remove the sweat glands but i don't really fancy either of those, especially the surgery as they have to deflate your lungs to do it shock. No thanks.
As someone else mentioned, Mitchum is a good compromise, non perfumed, gentle and doesn't leave white marks. I tend to use mitchum on my non perspirex days.

MorrisZapp Thu 20-Aug-09 13:12:58

The deodorant hasn't been invented yet that can stop me sweating. Best I've used is Secret clinical strength from the USA but I ran out of that ages ago. The new 'clinical strength' products out over here are hardly any better then regular deodorant.

I've considered having the botox - anybody know about this? I'm so sweaty in summer that I can't get my armpits dry enough to put the damn stuff on to begin with sad

missmelly Thu 20-Aug-09 13:16:13

try Driclor if you havent already. You put it on at night before bed and wash off in the morning

MorrisZapp Thu 20-Aug-09 13:17:25

I tried that stuff and ended up crying with pain and throwing cold water at my armpits ten minutes after application.

That was a long time ago though so I might try again.

beldaran Thu 20-Aug-09 14:35:40

The most important thing to remember when putting Driclor/Perspirex on is to make sure that your underarms are completely dry. I've found putting talc powder on then applying works best.
Do not put it on if you have shaved or removed hair in the previous 48 hours or if you have sensitive skin. A tingling sensation is normal and will wear off, burning or intense itching is NOT normal so remove immediatly.

I have thought about the Botox, but im not sure if im ready for a more semi permenant solution yet. It consist of multiple injections of the Botulism into the sweat glands (can be used on hands aswell) it needs to be repeated every few months. The one thing that people who have the botox have mentioned is that they have increased sweating in other areas.

If you have a GP you are comfortable discussing this with then there is no harm in asking.

lilacclaire Thu 20-Aug-09 15:49:24

Sometimes I still claw with driclor and i've been using it for years.
It really does lessen a lot over time though.

trellism Thu 20-Aug-09 20:31:25

Mitchum is brilliant but you have to let it dry first. It even works on my DH's stinky pits. I do find it a bit harsh though so only use it in the summer.

Pedant's corner, but an alum crystal deodorant is a crystal of an aluminium salt! Aluminium potassium sulfate, to be exact.

Jewelsandgems Thu 20-Aug-09 21:39:18

penona I also use Dove no white marks and find that is really good for me. And doesn't leave white marks at all. But then I do apply after getting dressed, so any white marks are unseen.

Wonderstuff Thu 20-Aug-09 21:47:54

I like bionsen - I'm not really smelly and don't need a anti-persperant, find they make me itchy.
The stick is much better than the roll on, but for some reason the supermarkets only seem to stock the roll on.

No white marks, it really is excellen here]]

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