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Anyone DD have this Boden anorak ? what is size up like?

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3cutedarlings Wed 19-Aug-09 08:42:57

Spotty fleece lined anorak

Just wondering if i would get away with this in age 7/8 for my very small slim petite almost 7 year old DD smile

Also is it warm enough to be main thick winter coat for school?

3cutedarlings Wed 19-Aug-09 10:16:53

bump smile

mejon Wed 19-Aug-09 11:46:54

I have last year's version ready for winter for DD who has just turned 3. It is 3-4 and looks huge so I'd say probably yes though a bigger one will last longer! (She has a 12-18 month one too that just fits at a pinch!)

Only the body bit is fleece lined - the sleeves just have slight wadding and a slinky lining. It isn't particularly long for a winter coat but wrapped up with tights/boots/warm trousers it would be ok.

Jewelsandgems Wed 19-Aug-09 13:26:50

I have the 2-3 for my 3 year old and would not have wanted it any bigger. The 7-8 should be a good fit, but yes, it won't last as long as the bigger one.

It is excellent as a school coat, looks great and performs well in rain too. I have the chocolate and aqua and it is the most gorgeous coat ever!

3cutedarlings Wed 19-Aug-09 13:50:21

thanks for your posts smile

Think i might get her age 5/6 even though she is almost 7. She is very small for her age, shes still in next size 4/5 or aged 5.

Jewelsandgems Yes the chocolate and aqua one is my fav!! she wants the red and pink one grrrrrr !!!!! im not to keen on the green lining!! think i might have to offer a trade off and get something else thats VERY pink for her to lol grin

petalpower Wed 19-Aug-09 19:28:41

My daughter has had this anorak in it's different guises for the last 3 years or so. It's fab - very warm and cosy and is used as her main school coat. She's a very tall girl for her age (she's just 7) and is in the 7-8 coat. I was thinking of getting the next size up for this winter but with the weather being so warm haven't the heart to make her try her old coat on for size at the moment! I'd probably go for the age 5-6 if I were you. At least if you go through the MN link you will get free returns so if it doesn't fit you could try the next size. We have the red and pink spotty one from last year - it's the same as this years without a green lining.

3cutedarlings Wed 19-Aug-09 20:18:12

Ive order them (one for DD2 to grin)used this code here placed two orders and got them both for 26 pounds each!!! grin BARGAIN!!!

Oh and i talked her into the Brown/Aqua one grin on the promise on a lovely pink matching hat. I loved this one but i just couldnt bring myself to spend that much just for school hmm

Jewelsandgems Wed 19-Aug-09 21:05:15

grin I have also just ordered one for DD2 in the red and pink using that excellent code! Bargain! Wanted to get them different colours, but the white one would just need washing all the time.


happilyeverafter Wed 19-Aug-09 21:13:32

DD has the blue spot one.

She is barely three and 105 cm tall. I'd ordered the 5/6 which is ok in the body (well long but ok) but too long in the arms. Bit undecided as she is having a growth spurt so think we'll stick with this size.

She wears 4/5 clothing and Boden 3/4 fit still but I can't see the 3/4 old stuff lasting the winter.

3cutedarlings Wed 19-Aug-09 21:27:10

Yay!! Jewelsandgem !!! fab bargain!!

happilyeverafter DD1 is only 110cm and shes 7 early next month. DD2 is 4 and shes the same height grin ive ordered them both 5/6 i can always return them for a bigger size if not. Fingers crossed they dont sell out because they are on a 3 week delivery.

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