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Pants for low rise jeans

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clemette Tue 18-Aug-09 23:03:06

Evening all.
I am a big fan of "boyfriend" style jeans that tend to sit on my hips rather than my flabby waist. But I am really struggling to find underwear that doesn't show, so am stuck wearing tunics to cover the waist band.

Anyone found any? Thanks

cornsillk Tue 18-Aug-09 23:05:07

m and s minis

OnlyWantsOneDoesntLikeDM Tue 18-Aug-09 23:06:20

I find myself thinking if you have a "flabby" belly, that low rise jeans should be avoided

*runs away and hides*

clemette Tue 18-Aug-09 23:38:51

Don't hide!
But what's my option - high waist??!! That seems to be the only other choice...

cornsillk Tue 18-Aug-09 23:40:35

I think low rise jeans are fine with a tummy so long as tummy is covered! More comfy as well.

HolyGuacamole Tue 18-Aug-09 23:40:38

Primark do shorty style ones that sit low on the hips and dip into a 'v' shape at the front and back.

clemette Tue 18-Aug-09 23:46:03

Thank you - they sound perfect.

masonicpixiesreadthedailymail Tue 18-Aug-09 23:51:45

I hang me gut over me phat low slung denims

Wear them with what really unattractive belly warming knickers I have clean in my drawer

Put a dress on over the top so even if I had to crawl in public I'd be alright

missmelly Wed 19-Aug-09 09:33:18

those boy briefs (again loads at primark) are usually very low waisted, and with the straight leg avoid the VPL

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