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Bag help please ladies?

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HolyGuacamole Mon 17-Aug-09 19:53:20

OK, am buying my friend a handbag for her 40th, up to the value of around £50 or £60. She has quite a plain taste, no bling. I'd like it to be something she can get a lot of use from, so probably leather.

She is a mum, has 2 kids, does the whole school run thing etc.

Everyday bag or going out bag? I dunno. Quite liked this as it is a good name, but it maybe looks a bit big for across body?

Help......I am all bagged out....

catless Mon 17-Aug-09 22:58:18

Whatever you decide on, be sure to give her a gift receipt. I just got a handbag for my birthday from a friend (from Next) and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!

missmelly Tue 18-Aug-09 11:28:29

ooh surely handbags are pretty personal, like buying someone perfume

HolyGuacamole Tue 18-Aug-09 13:01:06

Yes, you both are right. I had a bag bought for me a few months ago and hated it but I felt really bad taking it back. I have a good idea of what she likes and i will defo put in the receipt and not be offended if she takes it back.

thehairybabysmum Tue 18-Aug-09 13:12:48

ive just ought this and get loads of positive comments about it, I have even been stopped in tesco to ask where it's from here

I have it in green and its a good size without being too big.

HolyGuacamole Tue 18-Aug-09 13:19:24

Oh that is lovely hairybumsmum! Love it and it is fab in the green but for safety I'd maybe get it for her in brown. I now have my eye on the green for myself though wink

thehairybabysmum Tue 18-Aug-09 13:25:54

Yes it is, but dont do what i did yesterday and carry your lunch tub in it, thinking it is a good plastic box with good seal, bag now smells of spanish fish stew where a bit leaked out!!

I am expecting a trail of cats to folllow me home!

Anyone know how to wash the inside of a handbag???

thesleepyprincess Tue 18-Aug-09 14:56:54

Try wiping the inside with scented baby wipes - they seem to miraculously remove stains and smells! You could also try Febreeze to get rid of the odour?

Holyguacamole - is your friend a Cath Kidston kinda gal? I just got a lovely Cath Kidston handbag, floral, for £30...although granted it's not everyone's taste!!

HolyGuacamole Tue 18-Aug-09 18:25:21

sleepypriness - I quite like some Cath Kidson things but I think my friend would feel it is too much. She has quite plain tastes.

brokenspacebar Tue 18-Aug-09 18:35:35

I like te hobo bag, love it in purple(sold outsad)

middymo Tue 18-Aug-09 19:59:09

I bought this yesterday here

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