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I am going to turn thirty in two weeks, can anyone point me in the direction of a good skin care range?

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used2bthin Sun 16-Aug-09 20:20:33

I noticed today that my laughter lines don't disappear when I stop smiling sad. Its not too bad but I think I should start taking care of my skin a bit more. I will be getting debenhams or Boots vouchers so can anyone recommend a good skin care range? Clinique? I had some Lancome stuff that was pretty good for my open pores maybe I should stick with that but long term I probably can't afford it every day. Any ideas please?My skin is prone to being dry, open pores but otherwise ok.

AbricotsSecs Sun 16-Aug-09 20:24:01

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Sun 16-Aug-09 20:25:35

Message withdrawn

Goober Sun 16-Aug-09 20:27:11

Lidl anti wrinkle cream, black tube. £2.99.

Verrrr, verrrr good!

And I am older than you!

used2bthin Sun 16-Aug-09 20:58:15

Thanks both of you, I want to splash out for my birthday but then am worried if it is too much then I won't be able to keep it up (or will get addicted grin) Wow at the Lidyl's cream! I will definatelytry that then. Any ideas for a decent facewash?Been using oil of olay since my lancome freebie ran out and it is nowhwere near as good.

Jewelsandgems Sun 16-Aug-09 21:09:10

I used P&P serum for ages, then stopped and then started again. When I started using it again, noticed I was getting more spots! So, stopped using it (now using the Olay one that combats the 5 signs of aging - can't remember the name abot £15.00) and skin is spot-free and looking very glowy!

Tried Nivea Q10 and this was rubbish.

LOVED a chanel range of products I used a while ago (age delay?) but couldn't keep up with it, was very expensive.

used2bthin Sun 16-Aug-09 21:16:28

Jewelsandgems thats the problem isn't it? I really liked the Lancome clarifying face wash and aqua something moisturiser but I don't think I could afford to use it long term. Oh choices choices! I wonder if I should try P and P, maybe they would do me a tester.

Jewelsandgems Sun 16-Aug-09 21:26:42

It is a total bugger! You get your new stuff and decide to keep at it, and then you run out of everything at once and somehow cannot justify the £100 needed for re-stocking

And I cannot buy skincare off ebay, so I usually just try some cheaper ones and hope for best!

used2bthin Sun 16-Aug-09 21:36:53

Yes I will probably end up getting something expensive if I get vouchers so bet I end up same! I love those gift set offers you get if you buy more than two items blush

ZacharyQuack Sun 16-Aug-09 23:32:25

L'Oreal and Garnier are owned by the same company as Lancome and many of their products are similar, but cheaper. I've been using the L'Oreal Skin Genesis face wash and it's very nice.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 16-Aug-09 23:39:08

Boots P&P is really good - I use the serum and the day moisturiser. For night I have starting using the Time resisting moisturiser, and I also have the Time Resist eye cream which I like very much.
The thing about No.7, is that they are always having 3 for 2 on it, and giving out vouchers for £5 off etc - so you never have to pay full price for it. They have a nice free gift on at the moment, some skincare samples and some makeup.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 16-Aug-09 23:39:23

I am 32 btw.

used2bthin Mon 17-Aug-09 08:02:52

didn't know that about L'oreal and Garnier!I think I will ask for a sample of p and p then since it seems to be great for some and not for others.

Is it generally good to use anti aging stuff before showing signs of it then if that makes sense? The anti wrinkle stuff I've tried i the past felt heavy on my skin but maybe I need to get used to it?

purplepeony Mon 17-Aug-09 08:10:14

You need to decide what you need.

I have good skin and put it down to using sun screen 365 days year for last 15 years. I have no wrinkles at all except for a few tiny ones corner of my eyes- Clinique ladies thought i was 10+years younger than I am.

I use a cheap cleanser-L'oreal- or if feeling flush then it's Clinique or REN ( no nasty preservatives.)

I used to have eczema so keep away from highly perfumed stuff- so can't use Lancome, though have in past.

L'Oreal is owned by Lancome, but there are only about 3 major cosmetic giants anyway and all the big names belong to the same companies- doesn't mean the products are the same though.

I always use a good moisturiser- currently Clinique Youth Surge, having swapped from Super Defence SPF 25. I then use City Block SPF40, then my foundation ( Clinique).

At night time I use REN Frankincense repair cream (£40 but fab).

I think you are too young for major anti aging- you need a simple cleanse and moisturise routine, don't waste money on toner- cotton woll and warm water works just as well.

Most important thing EVER is to use sun screen. Sun causes sagging, age spots and wrinkles.

purplepeony Mon 17-Aug-09 08:17:02

see other thread "who owns what".

staggerlee Mon 17-Aug-09 10:46:24

I'm a skin cream junkie and have used practically every brand there is to use including Creme De La Mer (which I ended up giving away).

I have to say the best is Olays 5 point cream, the one that Jewel mentioned. Also Philosophy is very good and you can get it at a good price on QVC. If you like natural products Liz Earle is fantastic.

Also agree with purplepeony that a good sunscreen is the best thing you can put on your face.

used2bthin Mon 17-Aug-09 13:12:57

Ok good advice I will use sunscreen. Think my moisturisor has it actually although I use different moisturisers depending on what I can find in the morning and they are all just ones that I've bee given for christmas blush Clinique foundation wasn't great on my skin but I have heard they are really good for skin care. As for cleansing is it ok to just use face wash? I just hate the feeling ofcleanser but is it better?

Ok so sunscreen, just a moisturiser with it in or do I need to get a seperate one?

purplepeony Mon 17-Aug-09 13:50:58

You really need a sunscreen of SPF 25 or more to make any difference- if you think about the very thin layer you apply, then an SPF of 8 or 10 is not really going to do the trick over a whole day as you would normally apply every 2 hrs on the beach etc! You also have to use it on cloudy days- all year round.

Face washes are fine but if you live in an area with hard water you might dry your skin out.
Also, are the face washes you are using meant to remove make up? I doubt if oli based make up can be thoroughly removed with a facial wash unless they say they are meant for that. You could remove your make up with cleanser, then wash afterwards with a face wash!

alos, Clinique has about 10 different kinds of foundation so there should be one to suit your skin.

used2bthin Mon 17-Aug-09 14:06:33

Thanks I think I am not going to get out of cleansing properly. I will have to go in and speak to people at the counters maybe. This is all sounding expensive though!The Lancome facewash was very good, it was a clarifying one and sorted out my horrible open pores really well so maybe that was for make up removal I'm not sure. Tempted to get it again as my skin felt so nice after using. Then maybe a cheaper natural cleanser like simple to use first? Then moisturiser and suncream.

branhasnocommentfortheDM Mon 17-Aug-09 14:22:00

I swear by this, I'm really evangelical about it. I use the hot cloth method with it. Spread over face, allow to sit for 5 mins or so (while brushing teeth and having a wee in my case, but you feel free to do what you want). Dip facecloth or muslin in hot water (warm water if you have broken capilliaries on your face). Put the facecloth over face in the manner of an old-fashioned barber for a minute. Wipe away cleanser. Rinse cloth and wipe again. Rinse cloth and soak in cold water, wipe over face to close pores.

I sometimes use an eye oil afterwards but on the whole I don't really need anything. In the morning I usually apply Sunsense tinted sun block, but no moisturiser unless it's quite windy in the winter.

I used to have sore, dry, flaky skin with a tendency to both blackheads and whiteheads and crepey skin around the eyes especially (I'm older than you though, over 40 shock). I still get the odd blackhead but the whiteheads are pretty much defeated.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 17-Aug-09 14:22:06

Try the oil cleansing method for a fantastic and cheap way to cleanse your skin - there is a thread all about it on here if you search.

used2bthin Mon 17-Aug-09 22:28:08

bran that looks good and I like the price too smile

Alibaba I have seen a thread about the oil cleansing I have never been brave enough to try though in case my pores get even bigger!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 17-Aug-09 22:51:53

It seems to vary a lot from one person to another what happens with OCM!
You MUST do the splash with cold water after to close the pores.
For me it works, I had lots of clogged pores on my nose which were horrid and are now gone.

mathanxiety Tue 18-Aug-09 07:21:54

Give up. 30 is the new 50. (LOL) I really recommend grapeseed oil for cleansing, no other kind of oil worked for me. And cold water. Your towels will all get a bit funky. Cetaphil facial cleanser is a product that won't strip your skin either. I wash in winter with Cetaphil moisturiser.

branhasnocommentfortheDM Tue 18-Aug-09 10:11:19

I forgot to add that when I do use moisturiser it tends to be a very thin layer of Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter applied after cleansing at night.

Sometimes if I'm looking a bit coarse or wind/sunburnt I use Japanese Camellia Kissi oil, my sample sized bottle will last me for ages. I'm quite fine-pored anyway (except for one huge one right by my nose sad) but the Camellia Kissi evens tone and tightens my skin up a bit. I can't use it for more than a few days at a time as it's a bit drying and it makes me paler quite quickly so people start to ask if I'm a bit worn out or ill.

It's all starting to sound like quite a lot, but actually I'm very low-maintainance and this is the first beauty routine that I've managed to keep going with because there's so little to it and it's only once a day.

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