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Boots Smooth Skin...anyone else using it?

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Mousey84 Sat 15-Aug-09 22:28:39

Ive had mine for a month and done 3 treatments on lower legs only. Hair def lighter and few bare patches on front of legs. But, the bulb bit gets so hot, I can only do about 10 mins at a time before I have to stop for 15 mins to let it cool down. I should technically be on the lightest setting, but had to move to darkest so that it doesnt get too hot as quickly (and can do one leg before stopping).

Thinking there may be a fault with the cooling system on mine, so just wondering if anyone else here has had any experience with it.

welshdeb Sun 16-Aug-09 12:18:36

I have had mine since May. There is a very good thread on MSE its about 20 pages long. There is also a fecebook group which I think some of the original testers set up, some of them have been going over a year. I know some people have had problems although not as you have described, mostly with it not flashing or going into standby.

I don't think many MNers have them so you might want to go over to those sites if you need more help.

My experiences are that mine gets very hot, but I think thats how it works. Are you using enough of the gel, I know some people keep it in the fridge to keep it extra cool.

Also it does have a self cooling system when it should go into standby after so many shots is it doing that? Maybe you are very sensitive?

However if is any consolation it does work by your comments I think you are starting to get results.

I have had salon IPL in the past on my bikini, gave it up as it got a bit expensive, however it had reduced my bikini line greatly but I still needed to wax or shave for holidays.

I bought mine in May and used it probably 2 weekly and bikini line is just about gone. Its paid for itself already.

Is also had a good effect on my armpits. I have been away on hols so didn't used it for 3 weeks so I have some hair growing but its much less and I guess that if I keep on using it it will all be gone by christmas. Good luck

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