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whats this boyfriend thing going on

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BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 22:04:25

I tried on this in marks today [[ mnSBrand=core sweater]] ( imagine - in flip flops and a t shirt) and it was nice
then I saw a whole range of boyfriend stuff

Chevre Sat 15-Aug-09 22:06:07

that so isn't a boyfriend sweater

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 22:09:09

I am slightly anxious everyone on there is whifflign on about going down a size blush

KnickKnack Sat 15-Aug-09 22:10:13

mnSBrand=core sweater link to the sweater

agree with Chevre...when have you seen a long slinky jumper with narrowed waist on a man??

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 22:11:04

only a certian KIND of man
the purple looked fabbola if i say so meself

Chevre Sat 15-Aug-09 22:11:07

gok wan? but he ain't my idea of a boyfriend.

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