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have i left it too late to find white jeans?

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firstmum45 Sat 15-Aug-09 18:50:53

Ok think i have propbably left it too late

anybody know where I can still find cheapo white straight leg jeans in next couple of days need some for my hols

normally size 8/10 depending on make
don't want to splash out £50 + for levis etc cheapo high street will do if any still about


helpivegottogivebirth Sat 15-Aug-09 18:51:47

go to gap - i bought some there yesterday. in the sale, £19.99

LukaLadybird Sat 15-Aug-09 18:51:59

Only by about 20 years grin boom boom

Sorry ignore me.


HaggisNeepsnTatties Sat 15-Aug-09 18:52:08

I got some from River Island. smile

brummiemummie Sat 15-Aug-09 19:07:03

I'm sure River Island had some when I was in there a couple of days ago but they were about 50 quid so maybe too expensive?

I think Next had some as well IIRC?

firstmum45 Sat 15-Aug-09 22:06:45

thanks all will check your suggestions out tomorrow

bishboschone Sun 16-Aug-09 08:17:23

i got some brand new ex principles ones from ebay f0r £2.99 fit perfectly!

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