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Please help me to not look like their mother!

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janjas Fri 14-Aug-09 14:54:57

Ladies, please help me! I am going on my friends hen night soon and am really looking forward to getting dressed up. The only problem is that I am the eldest (being only 36 myself!). My friend, and all the other girls going are all in their mid 20's and look like models! I'm sure that they will all look stunning! I want to wear something that doesn't make me look like the mother of the bride! I don't particularly like my legs, although I can get away with a just below the knee length dress, apart from that I am medium everywhere, size 10/12.

I can't decide if I want to wear a dress or trousers and top. Although all the dresses I look at seem to be so short that I couldn't wear them anyway!

I dont have a massive budget (am thinking of about £50 for a dress or top, I already have some black trousers).

Please please give me some ideas!


MrsBadger Fri 14-Aug-09 14:59:15

go for sophisticated and elegant
do no ttry and compete with them in their boob tubes and leggings and teeny dresses

so def trousers and a top, also knockout shoes
a top in a flattering shape is the key
depends on norkage and tone of arms, but I would counsel either sleeveless or plunging, not both

and good hair
I am lazy and need a trim so if it were me I'd book a cut and blow dry for that day

cherryblossoms Fri 14-Aug-09 15:24:19

Agree with knock-out shoes.
As a starter for ten: this t-shirt

leggings and ... shoes ... I was going to link to a pair of black, patent leather, high-heeled, peep-toe shoes in Russell and Bromley - but their website is down. Grrrr.

janjas Sat 15-Aug-09 08:07:41

Thankyou both for your suggestions! So its trousers, glam top, glam shoes and good hair! Think I can manage that! x

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